Thursday, March 07, 2013

Coffee Cake?

Hubba-hubba enjoys shopping at Costco more than I do, so he is usually the one who goes there.  I think it has a lot to do with the constantly changing inventory. 

Anyhoo, he came home the other day with a coffee cake. 

I looked at him and said, "Who actually goes and buys coffee cake?"

He said, "I do! I love coffee cake.  It's my favorite."


Who the hell picks coffee cake, out of all the hugely delicious cakes in the world, as their favorite?

My weird spouse, apparently.

In other news, we had our daughter's IEP meeting today to determine her eligibility for special education services, and I was expecting a bit of a fight.  I am so used to institutions being unwilling to extend services that I am kind of conditioned to a fight response at this point, I think.

Instead, we were actually a bit overwhelmed at all the services they wanted to schedule her for, which includes a five day a week language-immersive preschool, occupational therapy twice a week, and group speech therapy twice a week.


I was going to be happy with a couple of days of preschool.

While I feel no sense of vindication that I am indeed not exaggerating her issues, as my family has insisted many a time, I do feel hopeful that this will help her.  The staff during the IEP really seemed to think she was perfect for the program, and she is so far behind that I am willing to believe them.

The only bummer is that the occupational therapy is not at her campus, but another one across town.  They will bus her there, but there is no way in hell I am putting her on a bus. 

She can start on Monday if that is what we want. 

Can you be afraid and yet hopeful at the same time?


Awesome Mom said...

Yay for getting more than you expected!

Ted said...

Yes you can be afraid and hopeful at the same time...Hopeful for your daughter, and afraid of HH's love of coffee cake.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

I am sitting here absolutely flabbergasted and amazed and HAPPY FOR YOU!

We are still on waiting lists for services that Boo aged out of years ago.

ABOUT TIME those that make the decisions see that early intervention will save money down the line (cause that is what it is all about, the bottom line) and HUZZAH for getting what you need!

Anvilcloud said...

This sounds very positive. Danica quite likes the school bus, but she doesn't have far to go.

marvel said...

Afraid and hopeful at the same time? Of course! I think you've just encapsulated parenting.

So glad your daughter will be receiving help she needs -- and it might be fun for her teachers, too, to have a young child for whom their therapies may actually be helpful!

J at said...

Mmmm. I also love coffee cake, esp if it's the kind with some kind of custard or jam involved. Yum.

Yay! On the IEP. Hopeful that the help early on will be just what she needs.