Friday, January 18, 2013

Mr. P

So we've all pretty much been sick over here since Christmas, passing the same cold, and then what we think is the flu, around.  The only one that got a flu shot was the 3 year old, but she's still pretty miserable.   But then I'm thinking, what if it isn't the flu?  But Hubba-hubba had to take three days off of work because I was down for the count, so that's gotta be the flu, right?

Today I want to talk about my son.

Sometimes I feel like he gets short shrift on everything because so much time and attention is given to our daughter. 

And even though he can be very lazy and doesn't keep a very clean room, I think my son is awesome.

The other day he came up to me and said, "Mom, I need some songs.  What are some songs that are kind of sad?  I like sad songs, not happy songs."

Which I interpreted to mean that he is in an anti-pop music phase, not a depression phase.

So we sat down and I guided him to some of my favorite music, which luckily has become some of his favorite music.

God, I've been waiting a long time to impart my musical taste to him!  He's a bit of a late bloomer to the whole "power of music" thing, but he is definitely feeling it now.   I have always loved music, and was actually a bit dismayed at Mr. P's lack of interest, but he's more than making up for it now.

I gave him a taste of the Ramones, some Suicidal Tendencies, a bit of Madness, Beck, the Beatles, and all sorts of other musical goodies.  I'm so proud.

And I'm also proud of the person he is becoming.

The enrichment program we are lucky enough to be in has truly opened up his mind in ways that I'm not sure I could have by my lonesome.  He is learning to drop his preconceptions about things and approach everything with an open mind.  Priceless, in my opinion, as he came out of the womb skeptical and jaded.

The group recently went to a session on Improvisation, as in being on a stage in a theater and performing off the cuff.  I wasn't there because I am lucky enough that a fellow mom carpools with us and takes Mr. P, but according to everyone present, he totally brought the house down.  I was told he was "epic" and "on fire" and "the MVP of the day" and my withered black heart grew two sizes.  I truly wish I HAD been there, but I am so glad that he is breaking out of his shell and becoming fearless.  And awesome.

I am also really embracing the fact that the homeschooling is helping him to define himself, instead of some mentally challenged jerk trying to define him through taunts and insults.  Which with being in the gifted program, happens all the time.  Screw that crap of bullying being a normal part of childhood.  It isn't a normal part of my kid's childhood, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Although I do have to say that I bought him a book for Christmas, one in a series he has been reading for a couple of years, and he complained that he dislikes real books, and wished I would have bought it on the Kindle.  Real books are hard to hold and are bulky and the stupid dust jacket always gets lost.


You can't have everything, eh?


Anvilcloud said...

It sounds like he's doing well. Speaking of flu, Danica is watching tv next to me this morning. She slept over last night and threw up all night.

marvel said...

Eh, could be adenovirus, or parainfluenza, or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), or a really nasty rhinovirus. They can all knock down a fully grown healthy adult for a few days, not to mention take the small people out of action. But you can call it the 'flu if it makes you feel better!

Congrats to your son! And I wonder if the fact that you WEREN'T there helped him open up on stage. One fo those things. Ideally it would've been recorded.

J at said...

Colds suck, and so do flus. I heard that the difference is how strongly they come on, and whether you have fever and aches. So if it's sniffles and sore throats and coughing and general misery that comes on over a day or so, probably a cold. If you feel fine when you get up, and suddenly you feel like crap and want to die, have fever and aches, and perhaps those cold symptoms as well, probably flu.

I'm so glad that Mr. P is thriving. He's a great kid, and you guys are great parents. My daughter has started downloading books on tape to her iPhone, and listening to them. I like it, because it allows her to 'read' while doing her hair or whatever. She reads so much for school, and there's not much time in life to read what she WANTS. This fits that in for her.