Thursday, January 24, 2013


Because I'm just too worn out from being sick and caring for other sick people to write anything long and coherent.  So you're just going to get short and hopefully-coherent.

- It sounds like the dumbest thing, but I bought some new flatware (at Target!) and it is so interesting and unlike our other more traditional flatware that I feel cool when I use it.  For some reason we kept losing spoons and forks.  But knives, for some reason, were OK.

- I am the dumbass who woke up last night at 3am wondering if I had closed the windows on the van after I picked up Mr. P from an activity.  It was raining.  I thought, Hubba-hubba is going to kill me if I didn't close those windows.  So I opened the garage door and walked out to the driveway in my pajamas, in the rain, at 3am.  I figured if any of our neighbors was up, they deserved to see me in my pajamas.  And indeed, not only had I left 2 windows open, I had also NOT CLOSED one of the sliding van doors. 

-Uh, so at least the interior only got 3 hours of rain versus like, 10.  That's a good thing, right?  Try telling that to my husband. 

- There was a photographer employed by the city we live in at a gymnastics class Ms. P took (and who, ironically, only lasted one more session before I decided she was being too disruptive to the other students and removed her).  I had to sign a release form and all that, and thought nothing of it.  Then, months later I go on to the city website to look up recreation classes, and who do you think appeared?  Yup, she's on the front page for the class directory.  If you want to see it, email me, and if I know you and like you, I'll send you the link.  It's a great picture.

- Why does Pandora keep giving me all these fricking instrumentals?  If I liked instrumentals (other than classical ones) I would have a station devoted to them, would I not?

-Have I ever mentioned my Dad is an internet DJ?  And that he's 66?

- The other day we went to a behavioral evaluation for our daughter, and I dressed up at bit to appear more like a "suburban mom" than a "former at-home blogger."  Thus I was wearing some skinny jeans that are actually a little too loose in the waist.  Thank you, 2% spandex.  Anyhoo, I also had some older, very thin underwear on.  You know, the kind that has nothing wrong with it, but has lost a lot of the elasticity in the waistband.   Unbeknownst to me, as I was sitting in the office, the looseness of my jeans was forcing my underwear to slowly migrate south.  This resulted in such an agressive migration that as we were walking to the car, my underwear was essentially only being held up by the crotch of my jeans.  There was no easy way to pull them back up to my waist without completely reaching with both hands down into my pants, so I was walking psuedo-commando through the school parking lot.  I'm a class act, people, a class act.

- I know that your day has been entirely made after having read that extremely TMI story.


Awesome Mom said...

That's what you get for trying to be cool. :P

Cherry said...

Grumble. My comment was eaten up and it was so whitty.

At least know your undie story made my pained sinusy congested face smile at dark o'clock :). Thanks.

J at said...

Oh, undies. They are horrid. I have moved to the dark side of thongs, figuring that if something has to ride up my butt, it's better a thin bit of cloth than a huge thing. I got some new, non thong, panties for Christmas that actually seem to work pretty well.

I'm glad you're blogging here again. I missed you.

I'd love to see the pic! j_asregadoo at yahoo

And yeah, I have those kind of thoughts in the middle of the night. Did I turn off the heater? Did I close the window? All of that. Most of the time I get lucky, but once in awhile it's like yours. Sigh. Just tell him, no one is perfect...and if they were, wouldn't they be as annoying as hell? Wouldn't you hate them?

Gina said...

@Awesome Mom: What do you mean TRYING?

@Cherry- Hi Cherry! I'm sorry you were up at an ungodly hour and in pain, but glad you got a teensy bit of amusement!

@Julie- I too, missed blogging here. I feel more free to be me, I guess.

And yes, I would totally hate them.

marvel said...

I once left my laptop in its little roller baggie riding up and down the elevator at work all on its lonesome.

Happily, the all-around-handyman man found it and rolled it back to me.

I lay down on the floor and kissed his feet.

True story.

So you know, it could be worse.

Would love to see the pic. You should have my email already...

Ted said...

You know, the I can't relate the panties story, but Pandora is one of the most annoying of the streaming services. I use Spotify and Rdio now. With Pandora, let's say I want to hear David Bowie, they hardly pay any Bowie. In fact, I went a whole hour on Pandora before they did play a song by him. Spotify will at least adapt to what you really want to hear and play more of the artists you give the thumbs up to. Give 'em a try. It's free. :-)