Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Kinda Sucked

I believe a few years back, I posted something for New Year's that said something like, hey old year, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, and is it wrong for me to want to say that again?

2012 was a painful one in some ways, what with my surgery, our daughter's special needs diagnosis, my own mother screwing me over, and me losing my freelancing job.

But you know, there were some good things about it as well.

Uhhhhhh, let me think for a sec.


I kid, I kid.

Mr. P was accepted into a fantastic enrichment program for gifted kids, and so far we kind of feel like we won the lottery.  It is highly subsidized by private donors, so we only pay a couple hundred bucks for classes that are worth (in total for the semester) thousands.  He attended lectures from a Nobel Prize winner and learned archery, amongst other things. It totally kicked ass, and it is a highly competitive application and probation process, so I can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for this semester.

Hubba Hubba and I, possibly united more due to our traumatic dealings with my family, became a stronger unit, stronger I think than when we first got married.  We have known each other a looooong time, and I think we were not putting in as much work as we needed to, but that is all better now.  Not that things were horrible, but they are at a much better level now.

So yeah, there were good things along with the bad, and I am getting old enough now that the changing years don't really mean much any more.  Am I alone on that one?


Anvilcloud said...

Ah ... life has its ups and downs. May 2013 bring more of the former than the latter. :)

marvel said...

Is the enrichment program a replacement for homeschooling, or in addition to the homeschool curriculum? It sounds fantastic, regardless.

You could think of 2012 as being a year of clarification. At least you know where you are with your mom, your daughter, your health, etc.

But I hope 2013 is less traumatic!

Gina said...

marvel, it is in addition to our regular curriculum. It happens weekly, and bascially they find an expert in whatever field they are looking to teach, whether it be economics or Arduino programming, and the kids are introduced to various subjects throughout the semester.

They also have field trips, international and domestic travel oppourtunities, as well as access to things like book clubs and Model UN.

I feel lucky to be involved, and I hope Mr. P can continue in the program for many years.

The only thing that sucks is that the criteria for keeping you in the group is a bit on the subjective side, and you can basically be kicked out at any time, as it is a private organization.