Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Disappointment Served Cold

Have you ever bought a new ice cream flavor that you were really excited about?

You saw it in the freezer case, and the name of it conjured up such salivation that you HAD to buy it and try it out? Because it had two of your very most favorite desserts in it and how in the world could an ice cream containing both of those go wrong?

Oh, but it went very wrong.

The chocolate covered pretzels were not present in chunks, but ground up into large-ish sandlike particles. This was a terrible idea because each bite kind of made me want to spit it out because of its extremely granular nature, with no hint of a pretzel taste.

Then, some horrible lies about salted caramel being in there. Where the hell was the salted caramel?

All I actually tasted and recognized were some inferior chocolate flakes that I have no idea why they were inserted in there.

Yes, first world problems FOR SURE.

But I just wanted some really good ice cream.

You would want some too after hosting your mother and sister for Christmas Eve.



J at said...

I would have fallen for that one, too. Buy yourself a 'Take 5' candy bar next time you see it in the grocery store. Yum.

Anvilcloud said...

I am surprised that you didn't need somethign stronger than ice cream after that visit. :)

We bought a minty, candy-canish Christmas crackle ice cream that nobody particularly liked. But we ate in anyway. :)

Cherry said...

Ohhh the texture thing would have killed it for me too. Total bummer! ;)

I stuck with hiding in the kitchen and feeding the baby in a quiet room to cope with my full day with my parents. Oh sure, now I recognize their bummed outness as I shuffled them out of the kitchen each time they wandered in because they wanted to visit with me, but look out there at your son and DIL visiting from out of the country and your grandbabies.
Guess I should schedule in a solid daughter visit with them soon. Sigh.

marvel said...

Merry Christmas a couple of days late! If I were you I'd go back to the store and get a tried-and-true favorite ice cream. Cherry Garcia, Mint Chocolate Chip, etc.