Thursday, December 06, 2012


Dear friends, even I got depressed by that last post, and I decided to delete the melodramatic ramblings of a sleep deprived mother.  Thank you to those of you who left such caring and thoughtful comments.  Lurve you all!

I am no longer employed at my blogging job, which brings sadness because I truly enjoyed working there.  I lasted about five and half years, which is about three and a half years longer than Hubba-hubba ever thought it would.  He didn't see blogging as a sustainable business model, and even though my former boss was one of the few who could make a profit from blogging, the economy had other ideas.  I am grateful to him, though, for giving me a chance to work for him and allowing me to actually make some money for something I would gladly do for free.

So, here I am.

I will probably begin blogging back here more often, because I just can't help but write. 

Keeping up there and here was just too much, but now that there is not there any longer, expect to see me 'round these parts a heck of a lot more than once every three months.


Anvilcloud said...

Works for me but perhaps not the best for you.

Awesome Mom said...

Boo about loosing your other blogging gig but yay for being over here more often.

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

Well, saw your post over at Teeny - and of course then I had to email Twistie. Sad day for me, in a way, even though I left a while back.

J at said...

I never loved Teeny, I much prefer hearing about real life you stuff. So yay for me!

Ted said...

Congrats on blogging again! Sucks about losing income, though. Hopefully, you'll find another gig soon.