Monday, December 05, 2011

Playing the Odds

Why hello there.

Wow, two posts in less than two weeks.  I'm on a roll.

I'm writing because I got a call from the doctor today.

Now anybody with an HMO knows that when the doctor calls YOU it is usually not great.

This was no exception.

I recently had an ultrasound done to my bum thyroid glands, and they called to tell me that there was a nodule on my right gland.

Time for a Fine Needle Biopsy.

Now, this is one of those situations where you are either

a) perfectly fine


b) you have CANCER

So, wonderful.

Odds say that I will be fine.

But excuse me if I am a bit bummed if I need to go through Christmas wondering if I have cancer.


Excuse my French.

The only upside to this is that if I have cancer, I think I can totally parlay that into never having to to any housework.



Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

I love you.


Suzanne said...

Sorry, Gina. I hope everything is okay. Thinking of you! said...

Oh, I am thinking of you!!! And I hope they can get you in for the biopsy quickly, waiting and not knowing is the worst. (((0)))

Anvilcloud said...

While I am truly sorry about your predicament, the humorist in me wants to ask if your thyroid gland is really located where you say: ie "my bum thyroid glands."