Thursday, July 07, 2011

In Which I Ramble Incessantly, But You Know You Secretly Like It

It's been quite a week, let me tell you.

To spare you the verbosity that usually comes with my complaints, I will break them down into bullet points. Because nobody likes to read complaints that are a full paragraph long.

Well, if YOU do, let me know, and I'll write something up special for you and email it to you. Freak.


I love you, really.

All three of you.

See?! I already wrote a ton of crap that had nothing to do with my horrible week. That, my friends, is how I get into trouble.

- Babygirl is having exploding diarrhea diapers at least twice a day. Poor baby. No, POOR MAMA who has to a) smell them b) clean poop off of whatever surfaces it runs onto, which are MORE THAN YOU WOULD THINK and c) all that extra laundry and showering that comes with exploding diaper territory.

-I may be out of a job soon. Boo.

-I have come to painfully realize that my mother sort of hates me. Not totally, but actively tries to fuck with me. Boo times two.

-I hate Bank of America, who decided to all of a sudden change the routing number I needed to enter into TurboTax (after years of using the same one) and therefore MADE me somehow enter the wrong number through mind control THUS turning me into a tax cheat, according to the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board. THANKS FOR NOTHING, BOFA.

-I have also come to the painful realization that I SUCK at networking. I don't FB or Twitter enough to make any impact, and I am not the type to attend networking events and hand out cute little cards advertising my blog. WHERE DO PEOPLE FIND THE TIME? I barely have enough time to take a decent shower, much less tweet and post crap on people's walls and whatnot. I BLAME THE BABY.

-And my last and biggest complaint is that America is on a slow, ugly decline and I am sad that my children will probably be around to see it. You DON'T want me to get started on this.

So you see, even bullet points could not keep me from rambling, cursing, and using waaay too many caps.

You're welcome?


Anvilcloud said...

You ramble and curse so well.

Awesome Mom said...

Sorry about the suckage of life. I know that the future of the country seems grim but I like to have hope that change is possible and that things will get better. On the bright side of things it is still waaay better to live here than any third world country out there.

J at said...

Networking does totally suck, which is a big reason why I would suck at sales. Blogging has fallen by the wayside, you never did give out that Sees based on your trivia questions, and FB and twitter are not the same. And babies? Adorable, time sucking shit pumps. Sorry for that.

Cherry said...

DUDE That BOFA one is like the worst! ok and the babies having to deal with a world, a US that isn't what we want for them. I hope we can raise them to make it better for their kids.
Ok, or maybe the job. the mom thing?

Ok that all sucks.

I am happy to say HI though! I rarely check my reader anymore, and had recently declared Reader Bankruptcy so it was all small and easily digestible this morning as I let my baby girl tear around the home office pulling everything down and shouldn't be getting into so I could read a little anything other than books with horrible rhymes or fuzzy material inserts that get grubby, so I was thrilled to see your name pop up. :)

Gina said...

@AC- Blushing!

@Awesome Mom- Such an optimist you are! ;)

@Julie- OMG I feel so totally guilty that I never finished the trivia contest every time I look at my sidebar. Maybe I should just send some candy to AC AND Chichimama?

@Cherry- OMG! Wonderful to hear from you! Ahhhh babies, wonderful and yet not at the same time!

Liz said...

Hey Gina, sorry you have had a rough time of it. I've missed you though!

Eunice Burns said...

I hear you. Too bad we both aren't Dooce who can get thousands of comments without ever having to reciprocate. What a life. Sorry about the diarrhea.

Heidi said...

That is a sucky week.
I suck at networking too, hence how long it's been since I've visited blogs. Miss you though.
Hope your next week is better.

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