Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Erm, this is awkward.

How does this thing work again?

It is sad that days go by before I even think about updating this blog, and you've got my daughter to thank for it.

My freakishly tiny daughter.

You see, we took her for her six month checkup (uhhh, late, as in she was seven months and three weeks old) and they did the whole measurement thingy dingy, what with the body length, head circumference, and weight.

And guess what?

My daughter should apparently be joining the preemie gang.

She is sixth percentile in weight, ninth percentile in height, and thirteenth percentile for head circumference.

Now the funny thing is, if you were to see myself and Hubba-hubba, you would think there would be no way such large people could in any way be related to such a tiny child, much less be the parents.

Mr. P? He was in the ninety-fifth percentile or above for everything his entire life, so it seems my daughter is a statistical anomaly of sorts.

Maybe it is because she is still being breastfed? Maybe because I don't eat the right foods, although I take my prenatals faithfully.

But, developmentally she is on track or ahead of schedule in all other areas, so I'll try not to enroll her in the circus just yet.


Anvilcloud said...

Hi Gina. Sounds like the important things are on target. Stay well.

Awesome Mom said...

Someone has to be at the end of the curve, just like someone has to be at the head of the curve.

captain corky said...


It was really nice to see your pigtails and read your kind thoughts the other day as I was having my nervous breakdown. LOL. ;)

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Don't worry. Some people are just small. If the doctor says it's OK for her to be only on breast milk, then it's OK.

Liz said...

I remember when the doctors declared my youngest had stopped growing at about 5'2" because she had started menstruating. Well, now, at 17, she's about 5'8" and towers over me. They all spurt when they spurt. Oh yeah, they also told me that my oldest would be about 6'4" and she stopped growing at 5'7".

Cherry said...

Yay you for still breastfeeding at 8 months (I assume you still are now a week after you posted this). That alone makes it hard to do the personal bloggy thing huh?

At least she sounds proportionate :-)

My little girl is a skinny one too. 1% weight, 10% head, 37% height.

Ava said...

I was always small for my age ... my mom said they could hold me in one hand when I was born. I turned out okay. I'm short ... but okay! :-)