Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wake Up! Your Car is a Death Trap!

At least that is what American Honda was nice enough to tell me at 6:30am.

Me: Hello?

Them: May I speak to Hubba-hubba?

Me: Uhhh, it's six thirty in the morning, is what you are calling for really all that important?

Them: Oh, ahhhh, oh, I see you are in California. Oh, I apologize, I shouldn't be calling you this early.

Me: Yes, and?

Them: Ah, yes, well, I'm calling about a recall to Hubba-hubba's 2001 Honda Accord.

Me: I'm his wife and you can talk to me.

Them: Well, yes, this recall involves the metal casing that houses the front airbags has been found to be defective, thus causing metal shards to be propelled at the occupants of the car upon deployment of the airbag, possibly causing serious injury and/or death.

Me: Well, good morning to you too!


Kelley said...

what a lovely way to wake up.


Ava said...

Dang! I've gotta have my coffee before I talk to anyone!

Alexiev said...
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