Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coming Out of the (Blogging) Closet

When I first began blogging, I didn't tell anyone but my husband. In those first heady years, I didn't feel the need to share what was my supportive, lovely blogging community with my family. I remember being rather obsessed with blogging, the writing, visiting other blogs, and getting to "know" people. As much as anyone can "know" people online, although I have had the privilege of meeting many of my bloggy friends, and they are every bit as fabulous (usually even moreso) in person.

But still, for some reason, I never told them. I very recently told my sister, who I pretty much tell EVERYTHING. I think she was a bit shocked to hear of my secret online life, which with being Captain of the OC Metblogs, writing professionally for my other site, and this lil ole thing that started it all, was pretty large.

Sometimes I catch myself starting to talk about the things I've written or read on the blogs when I'm with my family, and I have to bite the words back.

And I have lately been asking myself why I haven't told my parents yet. I have written a few things about my mother on here that she probably wouldn't exactly appreciate, but nothing horrible. I don't think, anyway. I'm guessing she isn't going to sit there and go through six years worth of archives on here, but then again, you never know.

What do you think, should I come out of the blogging closet to my parents? Or is it best to leave well enough alone?


Anvilcloud said...

I'd be inclined to say, "If in doubt, don't." Mind you, most people know I blog, and don't care or read. But I have always known that and watched what I have said (to some degree).

J at said...

I'm with Anvilcloud. I cannot keep a secret, and I have always been out with my family on this. But there are drawbacks, like when you might want to write something, but then you think, would this offend x person or y person?

If you are willing to have that, willing to have to self censor, then it would be nice to be out of the closet. If you're not willing to take that under consideration, then don't do it.

Actually, my blog brought my mom and me closer than ever. Especially since it encouraged her to start her own blog, where she told stories that I had never heard before. I loved it.

dgm said...

Yeah, I've never told my parents either. I guess I'm still pissed one or both of them read my diary in high school.

Heidi said...

If my mother went on a computer, I don't think I would have told my parents. Everything I have written though, I've told her in person, but seeing it in writing would give her guilt ammunition!
My hus only reads my blog when I read it to him.

Kelley said...

no one I know in real life knows about my blog.

I suspect one of my workmates does, only cause she is freaky weird and I blogged about her once and then she was all 'I am thinking about starting a blog, can you help me?'

And that was enough for me to know that there is NO WAY ON EARTH I am telling anyone.

Unless I get bigger than that doocy woman. Then I will be all IN YOUR FACE!

So, yeah, don't. Probably.

Anonymous said...

I told my family about my blog five years ago when I started it. Not one of them ever read it. I still mention it from time to time, and still, not one of them have ever read it.

I know this because they would have some choice things to say about the things I've said about them. Apparently, they don't really care what I've got to say...