Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You Know What I Forgot?

All the cute little noises that newborns make. She snorts, snuffles, meeps, and does all sorts of auditory gymnastics.

She makes me feel all melty, for sure.

And I have to say that Mr. P is a truly devoted big brother, who insisted that we not give her her first bath (the real one in the tub vs. sponge, that is) until he got home from school. It is a lovely and wonderful thing to see how much he cares about her, even as she is this sort of blobby thing that can barely move her own head.

Did I mention that Mr. P has switched classrooms? It seems they felt he was a bit unchallenged in his former class, and he was moved into a 1-2 combo class where they seem to do a lot more independent work, as well as move faster along in the curriculum, as they are all high achievers. So, we will see if Mr. P can step up to the plate, or if he will resent having to actually work rather than coast.

Also, there is an issue on the playground with a 3rd grader, one who has pushed Mr. P and other kids, as well as trying to boss them around by telling them he is a playground monitor. I told Mr. P that there is no such thing as a 3rd grade playground monitor, and to tell the kid to go shove it if he tried to order them around again. We even spoke to his teacher about the incidents, but it seems that for many schools, bullying on the playground is all talk and no action.

More stuff went on, and finally Mr. P found a real playground monitor who sort of got the 3rd grader in trouble. By "trouble" I mean just telling him to leave Mr. P and his friends alone. But it seemed to satisfy Mr. P's need for revenge.

Anyhoo, yesterday Whiney McWhinerson 3rd grader apparently tattled to his momma that Mr. P has been "spying" on him at recess and she actually approached Hubba-hubba to complain about it after school. Hubba-hubba looked at her with a "seriously? you're talking to me about my kid supposedly following your kid? And he's a 3rd grader to boot?" sort of look. But seriously, chickee, if you had been talking to me, you wouldn't have gotten such an even-handed response. Don't paint your son out to be some sort of martyr in this situation, as he was the one who physically shoved my kid.

But Mr. P did not help his own cause, as he verbally retaliated to the 3rd grader "I'm going to get you for this tomorrow" right in front of the mother, who flew off the handle. I think he meant he was going to try and get him in trouble again, but who knows the mind of a 7 year old? He wasn't being violent, he's never had even one incident of physical acting out at any time in is school career.

I told Mr. P that any threats he makes should never be made in front of parents, for god's sakes. Kidding. Well, I did tell him that was a stupid move, and that he needs to just forget about the kid even existing, so we'll see what happens.

And if I don't talk to you before Thanksgiving, hope you have a happy one if you are celebrating it on Thursday. Our weather is supposed to be in the low 80's, and boy, am I pissed. I should not be able to wear shorts on Thanksgiving!


Kelley said...

what is with parents like that?

They are always the parents of the kid that is actually the bully.

Wonder where they get it from hey?

Give that baby girl a big smootch from me.

Anvilcloud said...

I wouldn't mind a day or two in shorts right now.

Happy TG.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Landshark said...

I miss those newborn sounds and smells!

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