Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lucky Me

All right, so I didn't get checked in to the hospital the other day, so give a big sigh of relief with me.

But, I escaped from the hospital in order to have THIS happen to me:

Our house is up for sale.

We have, like 99% of people who have their house on sale, a lock box on our gate.

Lately, asswipe realtors have been showing up at our door without calling first, which is specified in the listing that all realtors have access to. Some beeyotch showed up without warning and wanted to show my home in 10 minutes.

I kept having a bad feeling about something. I didn't know what, but it was definitely realtor related.

So I was taking a shower, like 99% of all people.

I had brought the phone in the bathroom with me, because I was paranoid about missing a call from what I will now term "goddamn realtors."

I open the bathroom door when I am done, only to hear a male voice calling out, "Hellooo!"

I screech and go "Oh my god, who ARE you?"

Male voice, "Oh, uh, I'm a realtor."

I say with all the sternness a pregnant, dripping wet naked woman with a towel wrapped around her can muster, "No SIR, you NEED TO CALL FIRST."

Sounds of some dude beating a very hasty retreat out of my house.

I think I would have rather been in the hospital.


Cherry said...

I'm so glad you didn't get admitted. I assume you are feeling better? I sure hope so.

Those lock boxes kinda freak me out because it just gives everyone access to your home! I mean.. its still YOUR HOME! I'm down with them when its vacant, but those asses shouldn't go letting themselves in when the place is clearly being lived in. BAH!

chichimama said...

That happened to me too, I am soooo sorry!!!!

Awesome Mom said...

I bet he thinks twice before barging in on someone's home again.

Autumn's Mom said...

Ridiculous! Sorry G, I was gonna suggest putting a sign up saying beware of crazed pregnant woman...but I know you want to sell your place. ha!

Or maybe a sign that says YOU MUST CALL FIRST!

Patois said...

Good, quick retort! You are quick on your dripping wet naked pregnant feet.

J at said...

Ugh. Thankfully, this never happened to us when we had our place on the market. Then again, we didn't have a lock box. Whew.

And yay that you got to come home from the hospital. That's a relief!

Anvilcloud said...

So, you've had some good news anyway.

And the realtors: at least they're coming around. :)

Jess T said...

It's been a while since I checked in. Congrats on the pregnancy and sorry for the intruder. Next time, just mace him! They really are jerks.

Kelley said...

WOW! That is INSANE!

I would hope he would apologise and send you flowers or something... wait, he was a realtor... *snigger*

Heidi said...

I'm glad you are okay and home. That man "realter" would have scared the crap out of me!

Scout said...

Wow, Gina. That's inexcusable. Realtors really are scrambling these days—we have a lake house for sale, and they have an open house every other weekend...well, practically. Still, no bites.