Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where the Hell Have I Been?

I just looked at the last post I wrote, and shook my head sadly. I've never gone that long without a post here, and I really can't explain what took me so long to come back.

Could it be I have other blog obligations?
Could it be that I was literally sick for two months?
Or that a (hitherto unknown to me) gallstone attack put me in the hospital for four days, and almost triggered preterm labor at 30 weeks?
Could it be that I have a busy 1st grader and am tired and exhausted in my last trimester?
Could it be that I am just damn lazy?

Probably a combination of all five, my friends.

The less said about the hospital stay, the better. I've never been in the hospital for that long, and I never want to be in there for that long again.

I learned two things:

1)Taking a shower with an IV hooked up to you is a pain in the ass.

2) Even if your nurse is a crazy right-wing nut, DON'T DISAGREE WITH HER AND PISS HER OFF.

Of course I wasn't stupid enough to piss her off, but a perverse part of me wanted to, and then thought the better of it since I was pretty helpless and weak. My least favorite nurse out of all of them was of course assigned to me for a full 10 hour shift. Of course. The really cool ones? Four hours at most.

And that's pretty much the way my luck has been running.

All I can give as an excuse is that my life has sucked, my pregnancy is kicking me in the ass, and most days I'm down for a two hour nap.

Oh, and of course it stands to reason that with all the crap going on, every weekend for the next month is booked solid with parties, carnivals, and various social gatherings which we are obligated to attend.

So, I don't know how soon I'll make it back here, but I have one plea for you.

We are still fighting about a damn name for this baby, and I want some suggestions from the peanut gallery, since books with 6,000 baby names still haven't produced a winner.

It can't start with a P, and we prefer it to be limited to two or three syllables.

Thanks, and I promise I'll write sooner rather than later.


Piece of Work said...

Nina? Sabrina? Claire Eliza Julia Bridget Audrey Vivian!

Hope your luck improves, my friend!

chichimama said...

I was getting worried about you! But also figured it was the start of school and remembered how the beginning of 1st grade was...

Sorry to hear about the hospital stay, glad you are out and feeling better!

Phoebe is next in my girl hopper, but it begins with P. How about Emma, Amelia, Clara, Charlotte, Tessa, Julia or Ainsley? All were on our short list.

Patois said...

Like Chichimama, I've been wondering and hoping good hopes for you.

Names? The girls for us were Maria and Meg (with the formal Margaret if you were so inclined 'tho I'm way into "Meg" and wish I had one).

Hang tough, lady!

Autumn's Mom said...

So good to hear from you!! Sorry about the hospital stay, that totally sucks. I love picking baby names!!
Lola, Lilly, Paige, Autumn!!, Ally (Allison), Abby (Abigail), Sophie.

I really could go on. And I love the name Grace for a middle name.

Please don't over due it this next month. People will understand if you don't make it to everything. Love ya!

Cherry said...

What a tough pregnancy!

I would love to give you names but I must keep them for myself (wink wink)

Gina said...

Oooh, I like a lot of them, but part of the problem has been that there are good friends/relatives with all the names that we like.

Cherry said...

BTW- I totally hear ya about the showering with an IV. I got good with dragging that pole around to use the toilet or taking a walk but showering? CHALLENGE!

Awesome Mom said...

If I had a girl I was going to name her Abigail and call her Abby. I will pass the name on to you to use or not as you see fit since it seems that my uterus is stuck on boy. Emma was another, but that is waay too popular to use in my oh so humble opinion.

J at said...

Hey, I commented yesterday! Where did it go? I vote for Lily, or Lillian. I love those names. :)

Liz said...

I had my gall bladder taken out when Abby was about 3 years old (and she just turned 17 yesterday!). Obviously I wasn't pregnant, but I'll never forget the pain of the attacks. Worse than labor pains.

I'll give you some of our family names: Elizabeth (obviously), Marra, Eve, Lia, Allie, Jessie, Emily, Abigail, Laura, Kelley, Sanna, Maura.

Gina said...

Yes, the pain was absolutely excruciating. Even after being injected with Demerol (which made me instantly vomit) the only thing I could do was drunkenly mumble "It huuurts, it huuuurts" to anyone that would listen to me. Mostly my poor husband.

Suzanne said...

So sorry you went through all that. Jeez Louise, enough already! Here's hoping the rest of the pregnancy is uneventful.

dr sardonicus said...

I'm not good with baby names. Just wanted you to know you've been missed, though I suppose I could get off my arse and visit your other blogs once in a while.

Nance said...

I love the name Mary. It's simple, lovely,and even though I've been teaching for 28 years, I've never EVER had a student named Mary.

Having said that, I just came across the girl's name Santina, and I like that, too.

Not knowing what your last name is, that's a hard one. And I'm a firm believer in waiting also to see what the baby looks like! (But it's nice to plan, too.)

Anvilcloud said...

Well, well, welcome back.

dgm said...

You have a more legitimate reason for a long blog absence than I have, and I'm sorry for that (not because it makes me look lazy, but because of your many travails).

Girls names? I'll try not to repeat any of the above, except that I once planned for Tessa if my second child was a girl. He isn't.

I also like--although you might not--Kira, Sage, Daisy, Evan, Shea, and Bella.

OC Fun Blog said...

Jaiden. I wanted to name our daughter Jaiden and everyone told me it sounded like a stripper name. Now I wished I wouldn't have listened:) We ended up naming our daughter in the delivery room because we couldn't agree and by that time I was like "ok, we better choose or we'll never live this down" Good luck!

Jules said...

I'm partial to my daughter's name-Josephine (Josie).

Other faves are Lucy, Susannah, Joanna, Johanna, Cecily,and Veronica.