Sunday, July 12, 2009

Music Monday

Oh bloggity blog blog, how I hath forsaken thee!

It has been crazy busy around here, what with time off for Hubba-hubba and hanging with friends, as well as my teenaged cousins being here from Arizona, which causes all of us to do many "touristy" things we wouldn't normally do. Or even just get out of the house more often than we normally would, becauase we want them to be happy, and teenagers are happy to go shopping and the beach and pretty much where ever you want to take them.

So, still too much going on, although I have gotten a nice burst of energy just in time for the girls' arrival. I can actually do more than lay on my bed and moan. Kidding, I would just lay on the bed, minus the moaning part. Most of the time.

Mr. P begins camp this week, and for the next three weeks he will be spending a blissful four hours a day hiking and making crafts and whatever the hell else they do at camp. He loves it, although it is going to be damn hot, so I hope they modify the schedule for that.

As for today's music, I've been hankering for some classic 80's, and you can never go wrong with the band that pretty much started the whole thing, Roxy Music.

This song was released in 1979, and just look at Bryan Ferry with his skinny tie and boxy suit jacket! A trailblazer! And the Nagel-looking girls! What cracks me up is the unconvincing harp players. I can see the producer now, "I don't care if you can play the harp, just fake it and look sexy, no one will care!"

I was telling Hubba-hubba that I still own the original album Flesh + Blood, which was released in 1980. I wondered if it was worth anything, and according to Ebay it is worth maybe around ten bucks.

Guess I'll have to wait longer to buy that mansion.


Nance said...

Who doesn't love some 80s? (Except when we're talking hairdos...!)

J at said...

I love Roxy Music, but I think my favorite song of theirs is Avalon.

I had a dream about you last night, though you had cut your hair, and were a little blonder, and you had just had your beautiful little girl. :) I had com to visit you in the hospital. Interesting, huh?

dr sardonicus said...

Ten bucks? At least that's more than what you bought it for. Most 70's-80's vinyl will never be worth a whole lot, simply because there was so much of it produced.

Roxy Music had the gratuitous sex bit down well by that point; just check out some of their 70's album covers like Country Life or Siren. It's hard for me to pick out a favorite - they made some good music in all their eras. The Album Project will get to Roxy Music around 2022.

Heidi said...

I love Roxy Music.
Hey, I've been meaning to tell you that your Music Monday posts have inspired me to do Saturday Sounds on my blog. I'm sure you will recognize much of the music I post.
Glad to hear you are feeling better and have more energy. I didn't have any until my second trimesters either.