Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ah, it is Wednesday and I have yet to write anything here this week.


To give you an example of how distracted I am lately, I will tell you the tale of two trash cans.

Because of the placement of our neighbor's driveway, they place their trash cans in front of our place. Whatever.

Last week after the trash had been picked up, I was backing up out of our garage and Mr. P yelled, "Don't go, there are trash cans in the way!" Well, we were running a tad late for school and I figured the child just meant that a trashcan was sort of blocking the exit. Well darn if I couldn't even see the damn things as they were right behind my car! So I wound up knocking two of them over.


So I jump (exaggeration as me at 17 weeks pregnant does not "jump" anywhere) out and pull them into our garage so as to be able to get out.

And for the entire week after, there has been a lone trash can sitting there, with no home to go to. I kept moving it into the neighbor's driveway, but they kept moving it back in front of my house. Which was pissing me off, because it wasn't my trash can.

I was talking to another neighbor and asked if she knew whose trash can it could be. Well, she didn't but she said she would call the city, as each trash can has a serial number on it.

So she calls me and says, "The lady from the city said that the trash can was linked to the address XXXXX." Uh, wait, that's my address!

Turns out I had taken the wrong trash can, and the one sitting out lonely and bereft was mine the whole time. Meanwhile, the neighbor's can was sitting in my garage.


I never liked them anyway.


J at said...

HA! You just gave me flashbacks to an argument between Ted and a neighbor in our San Francisco days, when the neighbor accused Ted of stealing his recycling bin. :) The neighbor was an old man, and a few days later he spotted Ted outside (Ted was in his late 20s at this point), and the old man said, "Sir? Sir? I'm sorry, sir." We still laugh at him, but I gotta give him props for admitting his mistake and not just throwing the bin outside. That's what I probably would have done.

Nance said...

LOL. That'll teach you. Something, but I'm not sure what...

Anvilcloud said...

Thanks for the morning chuckle.

... Paige said...

That is funny.

But seems like the dumb #$$ neighbor would have said "hey lady you stole my trash can"

Awesome Mom said...

Yeah what I don't get is how the neighbor did not miss her trash can since she is obviously not claiming yours. If it were me I would have taken the trash can that was sitting out there because really how can you tell the difference? A trashcan is a trashcan.

Patois said...

Pregnancy brain.