Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Music Tuesday

All right, so it doesn't have that same alliteration-y sound.

But, since yesterday was a holiday, I'll move it to today. Oh, and by the way, I hit my first golf balls ever outside of a miniature course on Saturday, and I did really well. Perhaps I missed my true atheletic calling.

As for today's video, I can dance. Not terrifically, but not like Elaine, either. I've always had an appreciation for real dancers and their devotion to their craft.

These two men are sure to brighten your day. Not exactly a music video, but amazing nonetheless.

Ooops! To anyone on a feed reader, you saw a naughty pic of Burt Reynolds! My bad!

1 comment:

Cherry said...

Ohhh.. Naughty (and hairy) BURT!

Man, jump splits are not something you expect men to do...over and over again, down stairs!
Thanks for the day(evening) brightening!