Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Poll

This question is a personal one, one that Hubba-hubba and I debate all the time. You see, he is incapable of doing it, and his are the type that rattle the dang windows.

Can you hold in your sneezes?

PS They are pretty sure it's a girl!


Autumn's Mom said...

A girl!! I'm so excited! I hope you don't get a "delivery surprise"! ah, a healthy baby is all that matters. xoxo

I, on occasion, can hold in a sneeze. But in the height of allergy season, I am incapable. I have to sneeze 20 at a time, full force. They must come out, unless I want to lose brain cells.

Liz said...

Holding in sneezes is way too painful, but I always cover my face when I sneeze.

And yay for a girl! Girls are awesome!

Steph said...

Nope, I can't hold my sneezes...

Congrats on the girl news! Think pink! :)

Awesome Mom said...

I can but I don't like to.

Congrats on a girl! You will have to tell me your secret. There has to be some sort of trick to it because I can't seem to have a girl. lol!

Atasha said...

Oh Yay! Just try not to grab up all the cutesy things that is available in the stores. It's so hard though.

I can hold in my sneeze but many times when I do that my ears get clogged. It's been pretty bad for the past few weeks (allergies) and if I am home I rarely hold them in. If I am out especially around folks I sort of muffle it.

Here's to a healthy baby

Anvilcloud said...

Perhaps, but I usually let 'er rip.


chichimama said...

Yeah on the girl!

Nope, can't hold in my sneezes.

J at said...

Girls are way more fun to shop for. :) But as for your question, I can hold it if I hold my nose, but it just blocks up my ears. Instead I just sneeze into a kleenex.

Patois said...

Hooray! A girl! One of the best things? Girls are so much more likely to be able to hold in their sneezes.

I made that up 'cause I felt like it. And, yeah, I can hold in my sneezes.

Ortizzle said...

A girl, hooray!

Sneezes: I only stifle them if I am in a situation where a loud sneeze would not be appropriate.

Ever had to sneeze when you had a mouth full of food and it was too late to control it?!!!

Also: did you know that it is supposed to be impossible not to close your eyes (albeit for a nanosecond) when you sneeze?

---End of odd sneezing facts---