Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Poll

Thank you all for your well wishes. I didn't mean to scare you all, but to be honest, I was pretty scared myself. Still am. Technically speaking, the odds are in our favor for nothing being wrong, but I am going in for an amniocentisis next Thursday so that we can make sure.


But, enough about me and my problems.

I want to know what you think about all the asshats, and there are WAY more than you would believe, who are simply not paying their mortgages? Hubba-hubba himself knows of at least four, all of whom can afford their payments, they just don't want to pay because they are upside down. They are just waiting to be contacted by their mortgage companies, but it has been months and months, and in the meantime, they are saving thousands and thousands of dollars.

Another co-worker stopped paying because he was upside down, the banks didn't do anything for seven months, and then he got his loan refinanced to 2.5% AND got $200,000 taken off the balance of his loan.

In the meantime, suckers like myself are paying on time, every month, with a rate nowhere near 2.5%.

Got any populist rage?


Awesome Mom said...

People like that annoy me to no end especially when I bought a house I could afford and would never miss my payment for the house unless something really bad happened and I truly could not afford it.

Autumn's Mom said...

how scary is this....the people who own my house and the one they are living in, are doing the same thing. Makes me feel like I'll be sleeping on the street next week.

Not the answer folks.

Mucho xoxo my friend

J at said...

I want 2.%% and $200K taken off my mortgage! But we're not upside down, and we make our payments, suckers that we are.


Piece of Work said...

I'm so glad the odds are in your favor. And speaking as someone who was given VERY poor odds of delivering a "normal" child, and then went on to do just that, I feel confident that you both will be just fine. (And don't worry, the amnio procedure itself is no big deal.)
As for mortgages, I will really really love that deal your friend got. $200,000 grand off? How big was her mortgage in the first place?

Atasha said...

Every week or so my husband comes home to tell me of a co worker who did the same thing you speak of. This week one of them bought another house and a boat? This same guy has not paid the mortgage to his current home in lord knows when. He's been living payment free for months. Uhm....if you cannot pay your mortgage on your home why are you buying another? What gives? What are we doing wrong?

I guess I'll be a sucker too and we'll keep paying ours.

dr sardonicus said...

The real estate market here didn't go crazy like it did in your part of the world, so I don't know any stories like this myself. Not that they would bother me that much - I'm tired of politicians and the media using their divide-and-conquer strategies against the middle class, pitting the "deserving" against the "undeserving".

Patois said...

Oh, I know of those people. And I also know of people who are just walking away form the mess they created. I bitch about them and to them all the time.

Total 100% asshats.

Scout said...

I've been away so long, I didn't know you were expecting. I hope everything proves to be just fine.

I have never heard to someone just opting out of paying their mortgage. They suck, but why would a mortgage company let them get away with it?

Quiskaeya said...

Girlfriend I don't blame you at all for wanting to go for the amnio. Do what your motherly instinct direct you to do. I can't even count how many times I went to the hospital for ultrasounds because the baby didn't seem to be moving or something didn't feel right etc. So glad the favors are far more on the side of everything being okay.

Hearing stories like the ones of people not paying their mortgages makes my skin crawl. We know of a couple that have stopped paying on their mortgage but just went out and bought brand new mercedes. it's sickening.

Cherry said...

Its almost the next Friday so its just about time for me to answer your last week's poll (Always the late one I am).

Hoping the Amnio went well and the wait for the results goes by quickly!


My husband actually brought this up as an option but I, being the one who's name is on the loan and who pays it and who has the morals to never default unless it means I wasn't eating, said HELL NO! Thankfully I also didn't buy a place out of my league to pay it on my own and I still have my job, so we're ok (WOOD! I NEED WOOD TO KNOCK ON!). Granted I hate the place and am 50% underwater... but tomorrow is another day and I still don't sleep on the streets.

I even got our most recent rate adjustment letter today and it's going DOWN from the original terms! Benefits of adjustable loans but also still scary as hell.