Monday, April 27, 2009

Music Monday

I'm trying not to get worked up about the swine flu thing, you know? But being as we are less than three hours from Mexico, it does concern me a bit. Because unless they stop people from traveling in and out of Mexico, there is no damn point. That is one of the problems with the modern world. It takes only a few hours to render what was a local outbreak into something global.


Anyhoo, what music for today? For some really strange reason (pregnancy hormones?) I am on a nostalgic 70's disco kick. Except I was never really a huge fan of disco, and I have never been nostalgic for it before this.

Whatever. I'm just gonna roll with it.

So today, I give you the beautiful and talented Donna Summer. This is a live performance and I am in awe of her voice. Dim all the lights baby, cuz tonight it's you and me!


J at said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

I did a music Monday today as well.

dgm said...

Yay for '70s disco! Donna Summer was all that (+ chips). I was alllll about the disco era. May this trend continue throughout your pregnancy :-)

dr sardonicus said...

She lives in Nashville these days, and still looks pretty good. Other than that I don't have much to say about her.

Heidi said...

I love that song. When I was pregnant with my son I listened to mostly classic rock. Not my usual taste. Hormones, I guess.