Monday, April 20, 2009

Music Monday

Ha! It's technically still Monday, so even though I didn't get this up in the morning, it qualifies.

This weekend we told Mr. P that he was going to be a big brother, and he was very excited, or at least I think running around in circles and screeching "yay!" would qualify as excited.

He had actually mentioned in the past couple of months that he "wanted a baby" and I don't know if he somehow overheard things or what. Well kid, consider your wish granted. We let him call our families to make the big announcement, even though they already knew, but it was a way to make him involved. He told everyone "I'm having a BABY." Not "mommy is having a baby," which I thought was interesting.

As for today's music, I'm feeling disco-y and nostalgic. Where in the world did this talented singer disappear? I LOVE this song, but this is her only hit that I know of. And she's so beautiful, too!


dgm said...

Oh man, I played that song over and over and over when I was in high school. I always thought Yvonne Elliman was so beautiful.

Tell Mr. P congratulations on "his" baby!

dr sardonicus said...

I always liked this song, too.

Elliman released several albums during the 70's, and played Mary Magdalene in the original Broadway and film version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Her original recording of "I Don't Know How To Love Him" was a minor hit, but was eclipsed by Helen Reddy's cover. She also sings backing vocals on several of Eric Clapton's mid-70's LP's; this is where I first heard of her.

Elliman retired from performing in the early 80's to marry and raise a family. She came out of retirement in 2004 with new recordings and a tour, and plans to release another LP in the near future.

Yvonne Elliman's website.

Autumn's Mom said...

Now you know where she went. Ask the internets and ye shall find! I think that's pretty typical for a young child to be telling everyone he's having a baby. Since it was he who was telling you he wanted one in the first place. haha I guess you either ask your mom or the internets and your chances are pretty good one of them will deliver.

pun was soooo intended.

J at said...

Congrats to Mr. P on his baby! :) So exciting.

I totally remember this song. Fun to sing along to. :)