Monday, April 06, 2009

Music Monday

Suffice it to say that we have found that my grandmother is making a housing decision that the majority of the family disagrees strongly with. We have previously called family meetings to try and help them with the decision, and each time my grandmother would brush all of our suggestions off. She was worse than Goldilocks.

And now, even though no less than five people have suggested she not follow the course she has chosen (since it is in no way too late to stop the process) she ignores us all. We try to present logical arguments and they are met with, well, emotion and unlogic.

So, it's been a stressful weekend and all I can say is that my dad, who has done nothing but help them, deserves better than what she has chosen to do with her and my grandfather's lives. And, her current course of action means that I won't be seeing her hardly at all once she moves in to her home of choice.


I've loved this song ever since it came out. I couldn't find the "video" version of it, so you'll have to deal with a live version.


Sunshine said...

I have this Seal disc in my vehicle right now. It is one of the few CDs that I can truly listen from start to finish and love all the songs. Reminds me of college, too, so there's always that.

Autumn's Mom said...

Love this song, especially his version :) Sorry about Grandma. Sucks when they get old and stubborn. xoxo

PS I shit you not, my word verification is kises. That's for you baby!

J at said...

Crap, I'm sorry Grandma is giving you all trouble. Sometimes I hate that they have a mind of their own. My grandma has been letting my evil user stupid cousin take advantage of her for many years now, no matter how much the rest of us tell her that she might need that money and energy for herself someday. Well, last week she fell and broke her leg, and the many tens of thousands of dollars that my vampire cousin has sucked off of her would sure come in handy right now, wouldn't it. Grrr.

OK, that's my grandma, not yours. Sorry about the vent. But I just wish they would listen to reason. I'm going to at least keep that in mind when I'm old.

dgm said...

I'm sorry about Grandma, but maybe she thinks she's never gonna survive unless she gets a little craaaazy.

For reals, she's a grownup and unless she is mentally incompetent she probably feels like she is perfectly capable of making her own decisions even if everyone else disagrees with her. I'm totally going to be like that when I get older. That is both my aspiration and my prediction.

gina said...

Hey Ms. Gina,
I haven't commented here in forevah! I came by to check on you and, ugh!, sorry about your grandmother. That sucks. My brothers and I have been through something similar recently. I hope your week is going much better!! I'm going to catch up on your blog now!