Tuesday, March 03, 2009

He's a Regular Comedian, He is...

Conversation with my husband this morning:

Him: How are you feeling? (as I had spiked a fever last night)

Me: Eh, all right. Not fantastic, not really bad.

Him: Well, you're at least functional.

Me: Yeah, but I think I'm just gonna lay low today and not do a whole lot.

Him: Ahhhh, so it's pretty much status quo for you then.

Har de har har....


Autumn's Mom said...

Does his head hurt? After hitting him over the head with the frying pan? ;)

Awesome Mom said...

I was wondering that too since my (insert sarcastic tone of voice) darling husband and I have been "discussing" this very issue and he has pretty much been placed into the dog house until he gets his head out of his ass and can look around and see all the stuff I do around the house.

Sunshine said...

I was thinking you hit him in the family jewels with your knee.

But didn't think much about that cuz I was distracted by your blog post title and how you sound like Yoda.

Patois said...

Dude needs his own blog to share his pearls of wisdom.

He's plain "consilly." (What's "consilly," you wonder? Why, it's the verification word.)