Sunday, January 11, 2009

Music Monday

Every Friday night we have movie night at my house. Hubba-hubba picks up some food on his way home from work and we nosh in front of the television while watching a movie. I love movie night.

The other day I recorded Night at the Museum, which I remember getting very mixed reviews when it came out. I was going to take Mr. P to see it in the theaters, but I thought he was just a bit too young. So we watched it and he loved it, and oddly enough, I find it a very entertaining movie. I hate it when people say, "But god, that plot point was soooo contrived!" Well duh, it's a movie, the entire thing by definition is contrived! And speaking like Yoda Gina is.

This song plays as the end credits of the movie are rolling, and I annoy Mr. P as I dance to it, because it is ever so danceable. Getcha groove on!


dgm said...

Oh yeah! Love that! Thanks for starting my Monday off right :-)

J at said...

We saw Night at the Museum in the theater, and we all really enjoyed it. Fine art? No. Good fun? Yes.

We went to the movies on Saturday, and there was a big promo for a sequel. Just FYI.

Fun song, and totally danceable.

Autumn's Mom said...

I liked it too. I like movies that are fun just as much as I like big action or something thought provoking. I'm well rounded like that ;)

gmcountrymama said...

Definately dance music. We all loved Night at the Museum.

Patois said...

My best friend took my daughter to see it in the theatres. Based on their recommendation, we bought the DVD when it came out. I think I've watched it five times already. And I'm up for watching it another five.

Fantastic Forrest said...

We've loved the movie each of the zillion times we've watched it. Thanks for the music clip. I danced and annoyed my Amazing Children.

You won my heart with "And talking like Yoda Gina is." :-)