Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Heaven knows I am horrible at doing memes. I was often tagged in the past, and then would completely forget to do it, thus causing righteous annoyance on the part of the tagger, so I just sort of stopped doing them altogether. And people stopped tagging me, so all was fine.

But, along comes the intrepid Paige over at Paradise Valley 2. And because I lurve Paige, I will do the meme.

1. It is your lucky day what are you going to do?
2. What was the game you played as a child that you almost always or always did win?
3. You get to meet anyone from the past or present who will it be?
4. When you relax what is it that you do?
5. What is your favorite number?
6. What was the name of your favorite childhood toy?
7. If you could name the next fashion fade/craze what would it be?

1. Go shopping and then out to lunch. And have money with which to do so.

2. Pitfall. It was an old Atari game where you were an Indiana Jones-like character. You would jump over logs and crocodiles and swing from trees. I kicked complete ass on that game. I even scored this ridiculously high score, photographed it because you could send it to them and get some kind of prize, and never actually sent it in.

3. Mark Twain.

4. You don't want to know. Kidding! Uh, I read books. Yeah, that's it.

5. 23

6. My Crissy Doll.

7. Saris for every woman! So beautiful! So comfortable!


dgm said...

I remember the Crissy Doll, that red-headed temptress with her lacy orange shift!

Sunshine said...

I knew we were separated at birth!

My stepbro and stepsis used to marvel, MARVEL, at my Pitfall prowess. I kicked ass at that game too...none too easy, as everyone knows, the Atari joystick was not a precise instrument.

Autumn's Mom said...

I didn't have a Chrissy Doll but I did have this weird big blond doll that I called Big Friend. She was bad. She was always the one who spilled stuff or broke stuff. I bet my mom was glad when she moved out ;)

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Have you ever worn a sari? For those who are not accustomed, not quite so comfy. My mother in law got hers caught in an escalator once...NOT what you want to have happen, and a good reason to always wear a slip underneath!

Cherry said...

I loved Pitfall!

I was never as good as my brother, but still.. pretty good. I love our Atari system. Sigh!

23 is one of my favorite numbers too! CRAZY!

Gina said...

@J, I haven't worn one, but everyone I've talked to says that they love them. But that might be because they are used to them, I'd never thought of that aspect before.

... Paige said...

I still have my Chrissy Doll, orange dress, white socks and orange rubber shoes!

OH the number 23, have you seen that movie? I very much enjoyed it and I love Jim Carey as a dramatic actor and not a funny dud

Hope said...

come visit.. I've dusted off the cobwebs

Patois said...

I'm just mighty old, I guess, have I shall now have to Google Chrissy Doll to find out what it is.