Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Ballad Of Caribou Barbie

Less than a month left of this stuff, really.

I really don't like country music. But the man who penned this song, Ronnie Ray Jenkins, just might be enough to sway me over to the dark side.

Brava, sir. Brava.

The Ballad of Caribou Barbie

There’s something fishy in the mackerel sky--in the land of the midnight sun.

There’s a woman running loose wearing designer glasses, and touting a mighty big gun.

Now that much don’t scare me, or worry me none,

I don’t even care that she’s talking in tongue.

Say oily-oily –doo, dilly-dangle-diddy-wah


She put a town in debt- in her short time as Mayor, and her name is Caribou Barbie.

She piles her hair high on her head and uses a bearskin to cover her bed

She claims to be an expert in foreign relations, cause she can see Russia from the window in her kitchen.

Say-oily-oily-doo-dilly-dangle-diddy wah

Oily-oily-doo-dilly arbee

Her hubby’s some dude, but his name isn’t Ken

Even though she’s Caribou Barbie

She tells the folks, she’s a decisive kind of gal,

And it makes me think of Bush, the “Decider”

Now, I’ve been around the block, and I’m nobody’s fool,

But I’m scratching my head wonderin

Why she went to six schools.

Sing Oily-Oily doo dilly-dangle diddy wah

Oily-oily-doo-dilly arbee

Four more years would be McBush again, along side Mc Caribou Barbie.

She might be a hockey mom to some, the leader of the PTA to others,

She might be a lipstick wearing pit bull to many

But taking a close look, she’s a lipstick wearing Cheney.

Sing, oily-oily doo,

Dilly-dangle-diddy wah,

Oily-oily-doo- dilly arbee

So, ends the saga it’s short and it’s sweet, like the career of Caribou Barbie.


Laura said...

hehehehehehehehehe. hahahahahahahahaha. I'm so sick of it too, but dang that was funny.

Maternal Mirth said...

I stood up and applauded in my office.


Ronnie Ray Jenkins said...

I happened upon this as I was looking for one of my short stories. Here we are so many years later, and nothing much has really changed. I have a new website if you would like to come visit.