Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Mr. P's sixth birthday.

When he woke up, I wished him a happy birthday and told him that his birthday was one of the best days of my life.

"Why, Mommy?"

Because it's the day that you came into it, bud.

And that is about as sentimental as I can get. I am just not a gooey, sentimental mom. I've actually never been a gooey, sentimental person. That doesn't mean I'm not emotional, it just means I don't get all goofy with everyone when I tell them I love them. I hug, I kiss, I say I love you. And then that's it and then I might say something sarcastic, you never know. But the sarcasm just means that I love you all the more.

I know that it is tradition amongst many mommybloggers to write letters to their children on their birthdays, walking down memory lane and talking about the accomplishments made during the year.

Well, this would be my letter:

Dear Mr. P,

I want you to know that no matter what happens in your life, I've always got your back.



dgm said...

That's the best mommy Internet letter yet!

I actually used to write bday letters to my daughter when she was younger. I sealed each one up after writing it and stashed it away to give to her when she moves out. I would never publish those on the Internets--it seems way to personal and special for that. They were meant only for me and her.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Mr. P.

Sunshine said...

First, I'm thinking we should bring back the arranged marriage. P & Sammie = TLA.

And I'm totally gooshy with my kids, just hoping it makes up for when they get yelled at, I'm all about balance.

Happy Birthday, P!

Awesome Mom said...

That is an awesome letter!

Steph said...

Great letter! Happy #6, Mr.P!

chichimama said...

Happy birthday Mr. P!!!

Autumn's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Mr. P! Your letter is awesome. I think I'm 50% goosh and 50% sarcasm.

PS I think sarcasm means i love you more too ;)

Cherry said...

yea I'm not too gooshy either with the love. My hubby totally is though. So sometimes I have to be more overly gooshy so he feels like I really mean it.

Happy Birthday Mr. P! You got a great mom there. Be nice to her!

Anvilcloud said...

My how time has flown. I remember when I had hair and he didn't. I jest.

J at said...

Happy Birthday Mr. P! 6 is an awesome age, so enjoy EVERY MINUTE. :)

I happen to think that having your child's back is awesome, and thus, your letter rocks.

Yay both of you.

gmcountrymama said...

Happy Birthday Mr P!

Kelley said...

Seriously? It is a tradition? Day-um, I was a Mommy Blogger before I even had internet access!

Your letter is awesome. Short and to the point.

Ana said...

Ms Lady I'm following in your footsteps. It couldn't have been better said. AND Happy Birthday Mr. P! Never forget yo Mama's got yo back, little man! (You know I had to switch it up a little...ha!)

Jess T said...

Coolness! :)