Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well Hello There

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I am up because I am waiting for my enemy to surface.

I went into the kitchen late last night, and there he was.

What people like to be nice and call a "water bug" but let's be honest, it is just a large roach.

Dude, I hate roaches.

Bastard was just sort of strolling across my kitchen floor. Not a care in the world. A big one too, the kind that may or may not have wings or whatever. Completely disgusting. I don't care that there was a cute on in WALL-E, it wasn't cute enough for me to jump on the "I love roaches" bandwagon.

Hubba-hubba likes to leave the door partly ajar as he gets the laundry out of the garage, and I KNOW it was him because I yelled at him as I caught him doing it last night Somehow this thing got into my house.

I totally freaked. This morning, even though I was dead tired, I sanitized in every way possible and then went out and sprayed that bug spray with the cool "gun" type of applicator everywhere I thought some sort of gross bug could gain entrance into my domicile. So if homey wants to exit or try to come back in, he is going to get an unpleasant, poisonous surprise.

Last night he managed to get away from me, and I could not fall asleep because I knew that damn thing was in my house. I tried futilely to spray some ant spray, but I had faint hope that it would work.

This morning, not a trace. Nor a trace yet tonight.

I'm waiting, my friend. I'm waiting.

And when you least expect it, it's either gonna be a shoe or some gunk that will cause you to die a hopefully unpleasant death.

Either way, it isn't gonna be pretty.

Because dude, have I mentioned how much I loathe roaches?

*Update: My home is now completely roach free. Sucker put up a fight, though.



Awesome Mom said...

I hate them with a passion too! Good hunting.

Sunshine said...

That would freak me out too. I get all wacko about a cricket if that gets inside. But a roach, ewwww. Disgusting.

J at said...

Ugh, you gave me the heebies. Roaches suck.

Autumn's Mom said...

Sorry dude. That sux. We've got these annoying ants in our new house. Just randomly they appear. no trail. can't see where they come from. They are just THERE. jerks.

Cherry said...

I am SO there with you!

Ew Ew Ew!

Ted said...

You and my mom have the same view of roaches: "The world is a better place when they're dead."

Suz Broughton said...

You wouldn't last living in San Francisco. I once worked in a bar that had them everywhere. Some were even white because they hadn't ever seen the light of day (that was the story at least).
They are disgusting little creatures.

Steph said...

Yuck. Glad that your house is now roach free!

Margaret said...

hairspray is GREAT to kill roaches.

Spray 'em from a distance. They freeze - can't move. HAHAHAAH. Then sweep 'em up and then send them down the great water-ride that is the toilet.


Scout said...

OH, how I hate large bugs. I call them ALL "bastard."