Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We Could Use Those Royalty Checks

The other night Hubba-hubba and I were sitting on the couch watching (what else?) television. On comes this commercial for a certain home excercise machine, complete with hunky guy.

Hubba-hubba: Not again!

Me: What?

Hubba-hubba: There they go, using my photos again.

Me: (snickering)

Hubba-hubba: I need to have my lawyer send them another cease-and-desist.

Me: (snickering even harder)

Hubba-hubba: My beauty. It is indeed a curse.


Awesome Mom said...

Boy it must be tough to have people stealing your image all the time.

J at said...

Would that be an imaginary lawyer? ;)

Maternal Mirth said...

They use my body all the time in Playboy ... I am so feelin for Hubba-hubba right now.

Kelley said...

wanna ask him to come to Australia and give me a demonstration then?