Sunday, July 20, 2008

Music Monday

Busy week this week. Did I mention that Mr. P starts school tomorrow? Regular school? It seems our school district prefers year round school. It's not due to overpopulation, as in having mulitple tracks. There is only one track.

Although we had Kindergarten Orientation on Friday, and I am pissed. It seems there are a few more students than normal this year, and so they had to convert a regular classroom into a kinder instead of the lovely large kinder classrooms they have there. And guess who drew the short end of the stick? Yup. Of course. There are also many other things that I was not happy with, and I have a feeling I am not necessarily going to be a popular parent with the principal. More on that as it unfolds and I get some more concrete information to confirm my suspicions.

Now, onto the music! I know that like, only five of you actually listen to it, and I appreciate that! I really do! Even Liz, who never knows who it is! But listens to it anyway!

Alison Moyet first came onto my radar as the lead singer of Yaz. She then went on to record some singles on her own, almost all of which I love because her voice is just so freaking amazing.

This is her version of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and I hate to say it, but I like it better than all the others. And yes, that even includes the great Roberta Flack version.


Liz said...

This is one of my favorite songs. I've never heard of Alison (ha! surprise!) but I'm afraid no one is better than Roberta Flack!

dgm said...

Alison Moyet! There's a blast from the past. I loved loved loved her and Yaz back in the day. Totally burned on the soundtrack of my life.

Her voice is beautiful, and I do love this song. However, I'm with Liz: it doesn't beat Roberta Flack. Something about that version is hauntingly beautiful.

Thanks for putting this up though. It makes me want to pop in my Alison Moyet cassette for my drive to work today.

J at said...

Regarding the school, don't panic. I only say that because when Maya started 1st grade, I was afraid she had drawn the short stick with regard to classroom assignments, and those first few weeks were indeed bumpy, but she ended up LOVING her teachers, and doing quite well in their class. And of course, after whatever it was that happened last year, you'll want to watch closely and make sure there aren't any problems. So it's a balancing act, between watching and not exactly hovering. Good luck.

Nice song. I loved Yaz.

Autumn's Mom said...

ooh I'll be thinking of you about Mr. P's school. Hope everything turns out better than you expect. This is such a great song :) I'd never heard this version.

Steph said...

I will have to pop back in later to listen to the song, as I don't want to disturb the girls' Sesame Street viewing at the moment. :)

Good luck with the transition to kinder. We had a very rough start and it took me quite a while to get used to it all but it all ended up working out great and M had a fantastic year. I hope that all goes smoothly and that Mr.P has a great teacher and classmates! Big hugs to Mama, as it is definitely harder on us than it is on them!!!

Laurie said...

Have to agree...not quite as good as Roberta Flack, but beautiful.


dr sardonicus said...

Well, sometimes six. But Alison Moyet isn't going to win you any fans in the rocker's corner.

gmcountrymama said...

Sorry to hear about your doubts regarding kindergarten. T starts in the fall. I really like the grade school here, high school, not so much.
Probably because I fear my kids will be doing what I was doing back then. Still want to go smoke pot in the bathroom?Can I bring my luch?

Gina said...

Mind you, this is a LIVE version, and I dare anyone else to sound THAT GOOD live. The studio version is even better.