Monday, July 07, 2008

Just Trying to Get Out the Damn Door, Already

Today for some reason, my temper was a bit, er, on the shorter side of things.

We were getting ready to go to the beach (yay, beach!) and it seemed like I was doing it all- packing and making the food, the towels, getting sunscreen on everybody, and just generally trying to get us on our way without forgetting important things. You know, like something to drink, or Chap-stick. Because it's when you don't have the Chapstick that you really, really, need it.

Meantime, I've got these two chatterboxes contsantly asking me questions.

"Mommy, Mommmmyy, Moooommm-eeeee," comes the constant cry "did I tell you what the magic did?"

"The magic?" I reply, "Exactly what kind of magic are you talking about? And can't you see that I am doing a bajillion other things and cannot talk about the magic right now?

Then comes the hurt look on the face and the huffing off in a corner because Mommy did not drop everything to listen to him.

Then from the kitchen comes, "Do you think we should bring the Go-Gos CD?"

Well, I'm glad Hubba-hubba has time to rummage through our CD collection whilst I basically do everything so that we can get out the door.

Maybe I should invest in a little plastic bubble that I can put over my head when I am trying to do things and don't want to be asked a million questions in the process. That would actually be easier than trying to deal, you know?

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Cherry said...

I've never experienced that before (wink, wink). A bubble sounds great! Let me know when you find one.

Actually, I think my husband might have one you can borrow. He's a champ at not hearing me unless I do a dance and wave shiny things in front of him to get his attention. I guess a focused mind isn't all that bad (unless I'm screaming I need some TP in the bathroom!)

Hope the day at the beach went well once you got there! said...

"I think you did, but did you tell Daddy?" Doesn't that work for you? Sure, the kid spends half his life ping-ponging between the two of you, but at least he gets his exercise in.

I'll link to the contest from a couple more blogs tomorrow. I have three that would work for this. And I gave it an Ayyyalanche as far as that goes today.

Awesome Mom said...

I know the feeling. Harry loves to add to the fun by having temper tantrum pass out fits as I am trying to leave the house. Sometimes I feel like leaving him behind.

Heather said...

Oh, that sounds SOOO familiar! Last night I told Maddie "okay, you don't have to go to bed at 8:30, but you DO have to stop talking."

Anvilcloud said...

I think it's that way in every household, including ours. Women do the liones'es share of the organizing for anything. You guys understand exactly what has to be done and do it very efficiently. Cuppa's organizational ability always amazes me.

Nance said...

It felt like you were doing Everything BECAUSE YOU WERE. sigh. My "kids" are 20 and 23, and I'm still "THE ONE" here at The Dept. Notice YOUR job: packing up eleventy billion things. Notice your husbands: packing up CDs. And who was the go-to parent for kid conversation? YOU. Sigh. And so it ever is.

Bammy said...

OK.. So what DID the magic do? lol

dgm said...

In our house, it's all those over the age of reason pack themselves, kids pack themselves, and I'd make the pets do it too if they came along. You want it, you pack it and carry it (except for the surfboards). My five-y.o. has his own little chair that folds into a backpack to make the carrying easier. I give him help in remembering things ("do you want your shovel?" "don't forget your water bottle") but I figure they need to get used to doing it themselves. The good lord didn't give them arms and brains and legs for nothin'!

The Joys of My Boys said...

We live by the beach and my husband loves to go. I couldn't figure out why I didn't like it so much, then it dawned on me...the very same reasons as your post! Plus us moms do all the unpacking too and deal with sand in the house, car, and wahing machine. I left the unpacking once to see if he would do it. Beach towels and swimsuits are not pretty after a steamy week in SC.

And why is the amount of stuff you need to tote along in direct opposition to the age of your child? A teen is happy with just his cell phone. Preschoolers require the entire kitchen and toybox!