Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet, and the Scream Come Out of My Mouth

(scene: Gina sitting at computer)

Gina: Huh, that feels like an earthquake.

(two seconds later)

Gina: Yup, definitely an earthquake. It'll stop soon, it always does.

(five seconds later)

Gina: Shit, it hasn't stopped, it's actually stronger. And did that picture frame that one second ago was sitting on top of my entertainment center miss my head by mere inches?

(.2 seconds later)

Gina: What the hell can I dive under to protect myself from the multitude of falling picture frames and candles?

(.1 second later)

Gina: Maybe I should just scream as I run across the living room to supposed safety. Yeah, that's a really good idea.

(4 seconds and 1 scream later)

Gina: I'm standing under a doorway even though I know damn well that you are NOT supposed to stand under a doorway. I'm doomed.

(3 seconds later)

Gina: Is it over?

To my relief, it was indeed over. I was very close to the epicenter, thus making the shaking quite violent. I am a SoCal native, and this was my umpteenth earthquake, but the first in which I was so close to the epicenter. So, each mile closer to the epicenter equals ten times scarier.

Mr. P was in school, and to be honest, what was also running through my mind (concurrently with the panic) was that he was separated from me, and a horrible sinking feeling that if this was indeed "The Big One" that I was powerless to help him.

When I picked him up, he said that the earthquake was tons of fun, and they all went underneath their tables.

Ah youth, you've got to love it. He wasn't even traumatized. Well, that is until I told him the bad things that earthquakes can do at dinner, and now I think I have scarred him for life.


Margaret said...

from the texan here - what's up with the door way? I thought thats where you were supposed to go?

You mean, all the movies and tv shows that show that are wrong?

What am I to beleive?

dr sardonicus said...

I thought of you when I heard the news of the quake. Glad you came out of it OK.

chichimama said...

So glad you are OK! And I also thought doorways were the place to be! Or is that tornadoes? I just worry about hurricanes over here...

Steph said...

Glad that you and the family are ok! I thought of you, too, when I heard the news.

Awesome Mom said...

With tornadoes you are supposed to get into an interior room with no windows.

I am glad that you made it through with no damage. Earthquakes still make my heart flutter.

Sunshine said...

Glad you're OK, I should have been on the phone with you then instead and talked you thru it....go to an interior room or basement. Wait, that's tornadoes.

Still, glad you are shaken, not stirred.

Anvilcloud said...

So ... if earthquakes can do bad things at dinner, couldn't you just postpone dinner if a quake was on? Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes. Bad AC.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Glad you're OK. Even small earthquakes seem a lot worse when you're right on top of them! (Not that that was a small one, but it wasn't HUGE, you know what I mean.)

We always go to doorways in an earthquake, because there's rarely anything to climb under.

dgm said...

Yep, it did seem to last longer than I was prepared for. I was surprised how close it was to us, but more so you! Scary. Like Mr. P, my kids thought it was very exciting. Apparently our cats our really lame because they didn't even see it coming (unlike our old cat, who went a little batty right before e-quakes).

BTW for your commenters, that "stand in the doorway" business is old skool thinking. Apparently now we are supposed to lay down next to a heavy piece of furniture so that when the roof caves in we will be protected in the safe "triangle."

Chris said...

Oy, what a very scary deal. Glad you are ok.

Liz said...

I'm glad you are OK and that you didn't have any damage, apart from those pictures and candles.

Kelley said...

I would have shit my pants.

Sorry for the cursing. But I totally would.

So glad you are OK babe!

Jess T said...

WOW! I've felt ONE baby quake a few years ago. It was so mild not everyone felt it. No, I'm not crazy. It was posted on the news a few hours later. That was in VA.

CRAZY! CRAZY! So, yeah? What are you supposed to do? I thought you were supposed to stand in a doorway too.

Ted said...

Man, oh man...Our power was out the day of the quake, so I didn't know about it until much later in the day. Glad to hear Mr. P enjoyed the ride ... until the dinner conversation. :-)

Scout said...

How scary. I always here that CA natives live with the earthquakes and know how to deal with them, but in Ohio, all we have is the occasional extra-strong thunder storm.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I thought about you when I heard about the earthquake. Glad ya'll are OK.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I thought about you when I heard about the earthquake. Glad ya'll are OK.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I thought about you when I heard about the earthquake. Glad ya'll are OK.