Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Let's Talk About Race

Note to self: don't ever talk about economics again. It apparently bores people to death.

Duly noted.

Hmmm, how about politics? Will I again get a bunch of crickets if I talk about politics?

I am happy to say that Obama is now the Democratic presidential nomineee.

I actually did not like Hillary, which is a shame because I would loved to have seen a woman president. However, I'm not sure Hillary was the right person. Also, I wasn't too fond of the sort of "ruling families" thing that would have happened. You know, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton.

Now, do not take me the wrong way, but I worry about Obama's candidacy. Not because I don't think he is a good candidate, but let's address the race issue. He himself has encouraged us to talk about race, and yet I haven't really read a whole lot of blogging about it.

I am ashamed to say that my grandmother has sworn that she will not vote for Obama even though she is a lifelong Democrat. Even though she abhors the Republican party and what they have done in the past 12 years or so.

It is because he is black.

Or, as we like to remind her, half white.

But it makes no difference to her. He looks black, his wife is black, he belonged to a black church. In her mind, he is black. I am thinking it is a generational thing, and I wonder how many other older voters like her feel the same way. I'm not saying it is right, or that I agree with it in any way, but it has to be taken into account. And as we all know, old people vote.

I also wonder how many people will secretly not want to vote for him because of the race issue. More people than we would like to think, I am afraid.

I am hoping that the so-called Millenials, along with my own Gen-X, can be the first set of voters to truly reflect the multicultural society we grew up in, and simply elect the best person for the job.

Go, Obama!


Atasha said...

It's so true. Many people will not vote for him because of his color. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law both, expressed their dislike for Hillary at the very beginning. The mother-in-law especially couldn't stop talking about her reasons for feeling that way. They both said they would never vote for her.

Anvilcloud said...

Economics 101 didn't bore me to death, but I certainly had no response. Now politics ... (just kidding)

dgm said...

So, where do you stand on those who would vote for him only because he's black? (Meaning, they don't really care about what policies he favors, they just want someone nonwhite in office.) You can also address those who would only vote for Clinton because she's a woman.

I'll take my answer off the air.

Awesome Mom said...

My husband's grandmother is like that too. She was very upset when my husband's uncle took up with a black woman and has not really forgiven him even though he is now married to a white woman. It is so silly to me. I grew up in a very multicultural area and have no problem seeing people as individuals with something to contribute.

Family Adventure said...

In Europe, we've got lots of racism, too, and nationalism. My grandparents hated the Germans until they died, despite the fact that WWII had been over for more than 50 years at that point. It is a generational thing ... but that's litle comfort NOW.


Autumn's Mom said...

Both my grandparents were democrats, sadly they won't see this election. I would have liked to know what their opinions are. I think I'm going to do my best to really get to know Obama. I feel we definitely need a change but his experience and sadly his religion worry me more than his race.

Nance said...

I'll vote Democrat, period. I don't care if the nominee is Satan himself, although we've already had that in the individual currently sitting in the big chair now. And, with all respect due to autumn's mom, what is it about the candidate's religion that "worries you?" Is it because he is a Christian and so is George Bush, who spent the last 7 years lying, perpetrating fraud, and leading this country into a war based upon those lies? Because then I guess I can understand that. But, McCain is a Christian, too. So... I'm not sure what you mean.

Hope said...

I predicted long ago that it would either be a black man, or a woman, and I laughed because i thought it would be the ultimate dilemna for the bigots and the sexists.
I never even considered that voters would allow the possiblity that republicans get back in.
Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Ugh. I am hoping that we as a country have gotten to a point where enough of the voters have gotten past racism to elect a black person if they feel they would be good in the job.

My advice to those who can't stomach the idea, don't cut off our noses to spite our face. Leave the President section on your ballot blank. It's allowed.

If Obama wins in November, we'll know that we've gotten to that point, where we can get past a person's skin color. If he doesn't, we won't know for sure if it's lingering racism, or if it's just politics. Probably both.

Ana said...

This race for the white house certainly has brought to the forefront race issues. As one of the commenters said there are folks out there who will vote for Obama simply because he is black. And as you said there will be folks in the previous generations that can't get passed his race and therefore will not vote for him. All of it nonsensical in my humble opinion.

Great post.

The Joys of My Boys said...

My grandmother was the same. My Dad explicitly told me not to tell her I was dating a black guy. It was the only time he admitted we were actually dating. (He now is more open minded). It didn't help that my hometown is 99.9% white. My boyfriend was the only black in the entire school district and he was adopted by a white family.

I think Obama has a better chance than Hillary would. Hillary is too much of a politician. It seems people might just be sick enough of the status quo to vote against her. Obama is a refreshing change from politics as usual (so far anyway). And he is such a great speaker and so inspirational. We could use a little inspiration now.

As far as race, we already have seen a lot of black candidates do a good job--Condeleeza Rice and General what-his-name who also ran for the nomination last go around. Perhaps that will make it less of an issue.

I bet that after the dems have their time, Condeleeza will run for the Rep nominee. I think she would have a better chance than Hillary. Less baggage. Wouldn't that be something--a woman and a minority all in the same person!