Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Write or Wrong

Jesus, I didn't write anything yesterday and I STILL can't come up with anything. I know that I thought of something this morning, but pffft, it's gone. Just like that chocolate bar Hubba-hubba thought he hid.

I was thinking the other day about my shortcomings as a writer. This took me approximately two days, since I have quite a few of them.

One of them seems to be the fact that I crack myself up, but may or may not crack other people up. I have been known to write something and cackle at it for five mintues straight. But then it goes live, and even the crickets are desperately lonely.

Another of my weaknesses is the inability to make up great similes. There are writers who can toss off beautiful, perfect similes like they were nothing. I am very jealous of those people. I am forbidden to be within two hundred yards of a simile, I am that dangerous with them.

Sometimes I'm not sure if I explain things well enough. Like I will be referring to an event or literature or something, and I won't explain it because I figure if I have to explain it, then it isn't funny anymore. Right? Or am I wrong?

Possessives. Sometimes I can get mixed up with singular possessives and the proper punctuation. I once had a reader point out my mistake and I was sooo embarassed. But then part of me wanted to have her go ahead and edit every dang thing I write, because I write a lot. And I get tired and lazy and don't double-check as well as I should.

Hmmm, remind me again why I like writing so much?


Suzanne said...

Because you are good at it.

Family Adventure said...

You are a great writer, and you crack me up all the time!


Heather said...

Similes have never been my friend either. But each of us has our own style, so embrace yours with or without the similes!

Awesome Mom said...

I think you are over obsessing a bit. Most people are not reading your posts looking for grammatical mistakes. I just like to sit back and enjoy your posts.

If you did not interest me and write well then I would not keep coming back again and again. There have been a lot of blogs that have come and gone from my reader, but because you are so awesome you stay in my reader month after month.

Hope said...

so, I'm ignoring this post, because in truth, you fret too much.
I am however commenting on your school dilemna... and I haven't read the other comments because I did not want to rethink my reaction.
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He might be the smart, but with the age difference, he'll be seen as immature. IQ is only a part of being ready.
Kindergarten is only a couple of hours a day, and it's obvious that you spend a lot of time challenging him at home. What about some martial arts classes for the other part of the day. Great programs that instill discipline, confidence and self control.

Maternal Mirth said...

I crack myself up all the time, too. But then again, I am the only person who listens to me.

But don't worry, you really do crack me up!

dr sardonicus said...

Well, it could be that you don't like writing so much as it is that you like us, your loyal readers!

If I wrote to please myself, I'd have quit ages ago, because I think I suck as a writer; also, I already know what I think and I was pretty sure nobody else gave a damn. In the end, it's the interaction with my readers that keeps me going, not any idea that I have anything profound to say.

Liz said...

I think you are being too hard on yourself.

shell said...

i totally feel ya, gina. there are days that go by where i never know what to write and totally fret about it. but i think you're a good writer and i always like what you have to say. :-)

evawebdiva said...

I am so jealous of you I can't read your blog too often. There I said it!

I crack myself up too but I have absolutely no readers of my blog so it's just between me and God. The juror's still out on whether or not he's even reading it.

My favorite simile is, "she had hair of moldy hay." Oh, wait, maybe that's a metaphor? See, we all need editors. :)