Monday, April 28, 2008

Prom Dressing

Ok, Sunshine is now asking for horrible prom stories, and if you want to read what I wrote last year, feel free to go here.

Let's talk a bit about what a pain in the butt it was to find a dress.

Now back then, I had a hot bod. It's too bad I didn't really realize it, but I did.

All I knew was that my upper half was a larger size than my bottom half. And actually that is still true to this day. Because of this, I was very much a separates kind of gal.

It's the boobs, I tell you. They just keep getting in my way.

Dress shopping was sheer torture because something that fit on the bottom didn't fit on the top and vice versa. Beautiful dresses would be stretched to nearly the ripping point on the bust and be perfect on the waist, or my waist floated around in there somewhere and it fit wonderfully up top. It was a seemingly never ending slog, and my best friend Michelle, who truly had a perfect body, listened to me patiently while I bitched.

By the time I reached the rack that held my soon-to-be dress, I was exhausted. I was crabby. Because who ever heard of a two piece prom dress? Nobody, my friends. That's who.

I think even if that dress had been chartreuse, I would have bought it just because it was the first one that actually fit both halves of my body. Thank you Jessica McClintock!

But it was a flirty, strapless little number that looks (to me) easily and horrifically dated to the late eighties.

But hey, at least my hair wasn't five feet off my forehead like some people. You know who you are.


Family Adventure said...

I had the same body problem/misconception in my youth. My solution? Oversized t-shirts. Not a good look. Fortunately there's no prom to go to in Norway...

Would love to see a picture...any chance??


Suzanne said...

Did I share about my dress last year? Here are the salient details: Periwinkle. Cinderella-esque. Pouffy.

Oh, it was awful. And I loved it at the time.

Maybe I'll post a picture on my blog. MAYBE.

Ana said...

LOL @ even if the dress was chartreuse! I can just see you in your bright dress as everyone shields their eyes from the glare!

Ana said...

btw- I tagged you for a meme. You can opt out if you aren't up to it. No biggie...:)

gmcountrymama said...

I never went to a prom, but I did go to a senior semi formal dance when I was a junior. I was the one in the black lace strapless number with hair 5 feet tall on my head!

Cherry said...

What? No picture? I know, silly question, but just show the dress already!

I actually borrowed the two dresses I wore to Jr Prom and Sr Ball. I don't exactly know why, but I think I just wasn't into the shopping thing, or didn't have the time.

As a teen I had the opposite problem as you. Birthing hips with a training bra on top. HOT!