Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Where is the outrage?

Technical glitch my ass. If that was a technical glitch, then I am indeed Glinda the Good Witch, and where the hell is my bubble?

I don't know why people are sitting by so idly as their rights are being eroded, one by one.

There should be rioting and marching in the streets.

Instead, everyone is on their PlayStation, on their computers, or watching American Idol.

We are getting the government our apathy has given us.

And that is so sad.

I have tried so hard to keep my mouth shut, since this is not a political blog. But lately, it is getting harder and harder not to want to slug the man every time I see him speaking. Yeah, FBI, come on and get me. You may laugh, but people have been investigated for less.

Can I just say right now that George W. Bush is the Worst.President.Ever to disgrace the White House? Can I just say that I never voted for the man, and it won't be too soon before he leaves with his tail in between his legs.

I don't know how long it will take this country to recover from the almost-decade of his disastrous policies, but it will be a long and hard slog for sure.

Our poor sons and daughters, who will bear the brunt of their elders' mistakes. Their future was sold out for some quick bucks for the very few. Most of whom already had quite the few bucks already.

Excuse me, I need to dip my head in some ice water, or it's going to explode.


Family Adventure said...

I'll leave this to your American commenters to jump into, but what an *interesting* article!


Laura said...

Oh babe, you're so very not alone. It hurts me sometimes even more because my husband had become so active in Democratic politics...and he the Libertarian converted by me! We are/were actually on a list of people not allowed to attend his speeches (as if we would want to) because we donated money to Democracy for America (at the time known as Dean for America). I weep with you.

Sunshine said...

You know I like listening to my sons' political discussion. Haste would take you to task.

Just the other day Zach was remarking on how W is the worst President ever. Haste quickly corrected him,

"No, Richard Nixon was the worst, George Bush is #2."

You know I don't talk to my kids about politics instead finding it interesting for them to find the answers that make sense to them without my opinion, and this is something they came up with all on their own.

So, when did you stop by my house and talk to them without me being around?


Ana said...

Ms Gina would you stand up and tell us what you really think!

Being serious now...ahem...I'm SOOO over politics, the media and the whole presidential race.

I hear you lady, loud and clear. I concur.

Gina said...

The Nixon administration's got nothin' on Bush's.

Hope said...

Nixon was a naughty toddler compared to the outright evil of BUSH.... this has been going on since his election.... call me a conspiracy freak, but when things went wrong in Florida I got a bad feeling and NOTHING he has done since has led me to believe that the whole bunch of them aren't SELF SERVING LYING PIGS.
Outrage?????? I am outraged your troops went to and are still in Iraq, I am outraged that the only thing buried out in the desert sand is OIL, and I am outraged that your ecomony, human resourses and morale is being bled dry by a bunch of so called elected scum bags.
I am also slightly outraged that you would assume that:

Instead, everyone is on their PlayStation, on their computers, or watching American Idol.

I have been playing Facebook Scrabble, haven't posted in weeks, and am addicted to Big Brother.

Beenzzz said...

Amen, sista!

gmcountrymama said...

I agree, he is the worst! EVER!

Pendullum said...

I am so sorry for my neighbours...
We to the North have just watched and sighed...

Margaret said...

You know, I read your blog, and I think to myself "Why doesn't Gina open up and tell us how she really feels? I mean, she holds back and I can never ever tell what she is feeling."

Nance said...

Gina, you know I am with you. What other blogger refuses to call #43 by his given name and refers to him as "Angel of Death?"

And as far as the ribbing you're taking for being so outspoken and passionate and forthright on your blog, well, hell--why not? Why pussyfoot around, and especially about something so important? After all, it's only our lives.