Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Killing Me, the Irony

Whether it be for work or pleasure, I tend to do a lot of my writing at night. I just seem to flow better at night, and it doesn't hurt that after a certain time, everyone else is asleep.

On Friday and Saturday nights, I was up late. Reeeallly late. Admittedly, later than I should have been. Although I have to defend Saturday's 1am bedtime, since unfortnately I was in the bathroom from 12-1. Too much information there, I know. Sorry.

So last night, for some reason Hubba-hubba decides to get all paternal and snippy with me, and informs me that I had better get to bed on time. Because he doesn't want me to be crabby and he wants to have a good day. If this had been said in a loving and concerned tone, my subsequent reaction would have been different. I just want you to know that.

This is coming from a man who for years has had chronic insomnia and has been known not to fall asleep until 3am. Even when he needs to get up at 5:30am. Anybody sense some projection going on here?

I wasn't able to see it that way last night, however, and I got quite bitchy snippy back. I told him the last time I checked, he wasn't my Dad and he didn't get to set my bedtime for me.

I got to bed later than I wanted, but not horribly late.

I woke up just a half hour after he did, despite the fact that he went to bed two whole hours before me.

And, here it is- here is the irony coming, gird yourself.

Who was laying on the couch this afternoon, taking a nap?

Not me, my friends, not me.


Awesome Mom said...

Your husband sounds a lot like mine. He was always asking me when I was going to go to bed. I am very much a night owl and can't fight it. I could be exhausted and short on sleep, but at 10:00 I get a second wind and can stay up for hours more. I cured my husband of his asking me by turning the tables and asking him when he was going to hit the sack. Oddly enough he has stopped asking. Now if I can just get the boys to sleep a little later, they seem to be taking after their early bird father.

Kelley said...

My husband often wanders in around 3am. I am usually fast asleep. BUT on the nights Boo decides to wander the house with his stealth ninja moves my husband is conveniently asleep..... hmmm. Methinks the bastard is jumping into bed the second he hears the kid wake....

I am not a happy girl when I haven't had enough sleep.

So what did you do when you found him napping? Oh you KNOW what I would have done..... and then blogged about it *snigger*


Liz said...

Ironic indeed.

Py Korry said...

That story has sitcom written all over it, Gina.

Autumn's Mom said...

Seriously! I loathe the whole FATHER thing..but that's because I have issues. If I'd have caught him on the couch napping, I totally would have kicked him. hahaha

Family Adventure said...




Kelly Malloy said...

I hate when my hubby gets bedtime bossy with me too!

boogiemum( said...

Mine's the opposite- he stays up late playing WoW and then thinks I should have no problem staying up my past my 11:00 bedtime once in awhile. I do. If I don't get my regular sleep I am worse than usual - and that's bad enough!

Nance said...

I'm jealous of anyone who can nap. I've never been able to do it. Even when I come home exhausted after a trying day at The Rock, and I'm so tired I can't see straight, let alone decide upon and create dinner, I can't nap. It just won't happen. Rick can fall asleep in the middle of a conversation. Literally. I just sigh and add that as an entry into my Journal of Wrongs.

Oh, it grows.

Cherry said...

Did you switch lives with me?
That is EXACTLY the kind of exchange I have had with my husband (THE NAPPER!). I don't like to be told what to do, so I too have gotten snippy with the "I'm going to bed now, you should to" blah blah blah. Now he comes downstairs and says "Come on kitties, I'm going to bed" (Passive Aggressive Much?)
Of course he has blamed those naps on me because I keep him up or wake him up when I come to bed late, so much so that he has to nap the next day. Funny how I go to the office, with no option for nap and I make it through. Funny huh?

ok, I shall breath now.

gmcountrymama said...

That is definately something my husband might say and quickly regret saying!
I have chronic insomnia and he thinks that if I just get into bed I should just fall asleep. I wish, plus there are too many things to do at night by myself.

AB said...

He'll only believe it if you take a picture, because by next week he'll claim it never happened.

Anonymous said...

Are all husbands like that? Yes, they all are genetically wired to sleep in the afternoon, unless, of course, they have a game of golf.