Friday, November 09, 2007

What to do?

You know you are the parent of a young child when you cannot go out on your anniversary weekend because the child is sick, and who is fool enough to watch a sick child?

Right, nobody.

So, we had to postpone our plans for this weekend.

Except, we don't know what the hell to do.

You see, we so rarely get chances for a night to ourselves (including a sleepover for Mr. P at Grandma and Grandpa's house) that we are completely out of practice planning for something that does not involve a five year old.

We are debating going to see Cirque Du Soleil, but we've seen them a few times already, and dude, the tickets are 90 bucks apiece. For a tent in a parking lot. That's what really gets me. Add to that it is a show based on a funeral, so I'm guessing it may or may not be all light and fluffiness.

We are so pathetic that going to a movie in a theater is a treat for us.

Maybe what I'll do is look at the movie schedules at the mega-plex and just plan out an entire day of movies, hopping from one theater to another. Every time we would walk to a different theater, we would wonder if we will get a tap on the shoulder, asking us to please leave.

You know me, I like to live on the edge. The edge of what is debatable, though.


Cherry said...

I totally want to see Cirque Du Soleil someday, but the ticket price gets me every time its in town.

Happy Anniversary! I hope you find some lovely way to spend your time with each other!

Family Adventure said...

Sorry that you have to postpone your anniversary. Such is the life with young kids! Hope he feels better soon.

Cirque is always amazing, but seeing them in Vegas or at another 'permanent' location is so much more worth the steep ticket prices. JMHO.
Having said that, are there other shows, musicals, you can see anywhere?
What about an overnighter at a nice hotel with a nice dinner?


Awesome Mom said...

I wish I could help you. We go to the trouble of getting a sitter, do dinner and a movie and are pathetically home at a ultra early hour because we can't think of anything else to do. If we are living it up we will go shopping with out the kids after the movie. We are Lame!

chichimama said...

We are similarly unsure what to do with a sitter. We almost always do dinner and then are home by 9:30 pm...

chichimama said...

But whatever you do, have fun!

Steph said...

Happy Anniversary :)

I was going to make the same suggestion as Heidi, to see if there were any good shows in town. When we finally get around to going out without the kids, we always seem to end up doing dinner and a movie.

Margaret said...

Movie hopping sounds fun!

Happy Anniversary! Have a great time with whatever you do...

dgm said...

Call up another couple you really enjoy and go out to dinner, maybe catch some music?

Go down to the beach (where you'll soon be moving?) and check out the scene there. Or go to that other town you're considering and check out what happens when the lights go down.

Otherwise, Circque sounds good to me. I've never been disappointed.

J at said...

Hmmm. Take that cirque money and go to Crustacean! ;)

That's always our celebration...dinner somewhere nice. But we're foodies like that.

Happy Anniversary!

MrsGrumpy said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I never knew what to do with a night to ourselves either. We would go out, have something to eat...sit in the car with it being about 8-ish, decide that a movie didn't sound good, and go bowling or something equally as yawn inducing.

gmcountrymama said...

Sorry you had to postpone your Anniversary getaway. We so rarely go out as a couple or even as a family we have to plan way ahead. Last year, hus and I went to a Joan Jett concert and overnight hotel stay. This year we have an away wedding 2 weeks after our Anniversary, so we have to use Grandma for that!
I would love to movie hop!

Mrs. G. said...

No question, you are all about Risk with a capital R...enjoy.

karla said...

What? It's your anniversary weekend again? Didn't you just have one of those not that long ago? Why do blog years fly by so fast? Sniff sniff....I feel like Mr. P's long lost Aunt of something.

Ok. I had to check to make sure, and I was right. You did wear something white for your anniversary last year. Do the details I remember about your life kinda freak you out Gina?

Liz said...

I like dgm's idea of checking out the night life/restaurants at the two cities you are considering moving to.

I'm like Karla as well! I was just thinking how you went to some magic show or something for your anniversary and it doesn't seem like a year ago!!

Happy Anniversary and I hope Mr. P feels better soon!

Hope said...

do all the housework together, stock fridge with breakfast items.
take son to gramma or aunties for the night
pick up: movies, beverages
order in food from your favorite place or places
lock doors, turn off phones
and spent a cozy alone night,eat, drink and be merry


Patois said...

It sounds so fun, jumping from movie to movie, but I can never find more than one or two that I'd ever be interested in seeing. 'Cause I'm odd.

Happy Anniverary!