Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Four by Four

The lovely Patois tagged me ages ago for a meme, and now since it is Tuesday night and I am tired, I figured that it is time for the "Fours" meme. Brace yourselves. For what I don't know, it just sounded really cool and dramatic.

Four Jobs I've Had

1. Summer Camp Counselor. If you were a nice kid, I was the best counselor ever. If you were a crappy kid, then every day was a fresh hell.

2. Library Clerk. I've alluded before to the way my dreams were shattered at this job. Liking books ain't enough, people.

3. Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach, Unnamed Junior College. You would never know it to look at me now, but I was quite the athelete in my day. Volleyball and everything volleyball was my world from the age of 14 to 21.

4. Research Supervisor. My last job in the working world, I was employed at a famous and oft-quoted in the media think-tank. I worked on various studies, ranging from breast cancer to terrorism to education to Gulf War veterans to the mentally ill and their treatment. It was at once the most satisfying and most frustrating job ever.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

Let me just say that I could watch many, many movies over and over again. I love movies.

1. The Lord of the Rings

2. Hot Fuzz

3. Forever Young. Let's just forget the boozy, crazy Mel Gibson and remember him as he once was, damn hot. I watch this not for the plot, but to drool.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Danny Elfman is a musical hero of mine, and he wa totally robbed of an Oscar for this.

Four TV Shows I Like – Reality Version

1. Sixty Minutes. I think it's reality, anyway.

2. Frontline. The BEST.NEWS.SHOW.EVER

3. Almost anything on HGTV

4. DWTS, I guess. It depends on the people. This season, I didn't really watch at all.

Four TV Shows I Like – Non-reality Version

1. Lost

2. Battlestar Galactica (new version)

3. Grey's Anatomy

4. Ugly Betty

Four Places I've Gone on Vacation

1. Chicago. Did I ever write that we got caught in the rain and I practically qualified as a wet T-shirt contest contestant? Here's some California for ya, baby!

2. New Orleans. Loved the city, loved the beignets.

3. Hawaii. What can I say, it's Hawaii?

4. Puerto Rico. A complete white girl, I learned some Spanish really fast. I thought I was going to die when we were flying to the main airport from the other side of the island. The plane was a small ten-seater and we kept getting whooshed around by the winds. I vividly remember the bead curtain separating passengers from the pilots swinging like crazy.

Four Favorite Foods

1. Fettucine Alfredo. Which I never eat any more, since it is a heart attack on a plate.

2. A good, thick steak. No vegetarian tendencies over here.

3. A really good sandwich. With the right bread and the right filling, I love them!

4. Caramel Brioche French Toast. Yummmm...

Four Web sites I Visit Daily

1. Los Angeles Times

2. Orange County Register

3. Teeny Manolo. Ha, like you didn't see that one coming.

4. Pandora. Me likes some music.

Four Places I Would Rather Be

1. In bed.

2. At the beach. With no one else there, thank you.

3. On a date with my husband. Anywhere.

4. Lake Tahoe. Summer or winter.


Family Adventure said...

I love LOTR. I hope Peter Jackson does the Hobbit, too (any news on that?).

And I can't wait for Lost to start up again.


Kelley said...

We could be twins. Except for the fact that we are absolutely completely different in every single way.
I could do the anti Gina four by four. But I won't cause I am lazy.

But they say opposites attract. Just don't invite me to dinner K?

MrsGrumpy said...

Mel B was robbed last night on Dancing with the Stars. I am guessing that most of the people that vote are women and that is why Helio won. Although both pairs were good, Mel B was better IMO. This was the first season I watched. My guilty television show confession is America's Next Top Model.

Scout said...

I was terrible at volleyball--I was always afraid of being hit in the nose. Now badminton--there's a sport I can play.

I am counting the days until the premier of Lost.

Py Korry said...

I didn't know that you worked for a Think Tank. That was something I was interested in doing, but all the Think Tanks in my neck of the woods have political views that are pretty much the opposite of mine.

Autumn's Mom said...

aww I miss young hot Mel Gibson too!

Liz said...

HGTV is my guilty pleasure.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I love HGTV and Lake Tahoe. :) Ever been to Fallen Leaf Lake? It's the sleepy cousin of Tahoe...

Beenzzz said...

Pretty cool about the think tank job! Are those days over or are ou considering going back? Hot Fuzz was a cool flick!

Nance said...

We could never, ever watch any TV together. We could eat together, but no TV.

Wanna go to Chicago?

Steph said...

Lake Tahoe is where we went on our "babymoon" when I was pregnant with M. I'd love to get back there again someday...

Steph said...

So I just went and read your library post... I have thought about going back to school to be a librarian. I guess I need to volunteer at the library and give it a lot more thought before doing so, eh?

captain corky said...

"2. Battlestar Galactica (new version)"

Yeah but... what about the old version? I know you like it too. I bought the original movie on VHS for a 1.99 about 7 years ago. What a find! ;)

Mrs. G. said...

I would like to be eating fettucine Alfredo on beach right now...on a vacation...but not with your husband.

Cherry said...

Mmm I loves me the Fettuccine Alfredo, but I haven't had it for ages (because I don't know how to moderate cream sauces because I love them so much!)

Oh and Caramel Brioche French Toast. When you last mentioned that in a post, I told my hubby about it and brought it up a few more times over the next few days.

I'm sorry, did you mention things other then food?

Margaret said...

I have sucked at commenting. I am sorry.

And WTH is Caramel Brioche French Toast.? I got the Caramel and French Toast part... is the "Brioche".

In Texas, I know about Queso and Margaritas and steaks.

Chris said...

Well, you could be related a smidgen cause I liked most of your things mentioned.
Just don't like anything Star warsy. If that's even a word. The last one was so sweet.

Saucy said...

I was known to visit Pandora on a regular basis and then they BANNED Canadian listeners... how do you like them apples? I just don't get it sometimes. It's not like we WANTED to send you people Celine Dion. She just went there on her own.