Sunday, September 30, 2007

Womanly Thoughts

I am a woman who...

...every time she thinks she is caught up on housework, has something happen like all of us getting sick and it is back to square one.

...wonders where the time always goes. Even as she fritters it away on the computer.

...needs to get her butt to the gym. It's a little bigger than it shoud be.

...has discovered that the best time to get her blood taken is late on Saturday night. In and out in less than six minutes! There is some advantage in having no life after all!

...went to a birthday party this weekend and wondered who would spend twenty bucks on gift bags for the attendees. Ouch!

...secretly thought her party was better. Even though there were no expensive gift bags.

...keeps saying she is going to go to church but never does. Excuses, excuses.

...wonders when she will stop breaking out, for god's sake. Isn't it time yet?

...has decided to leave the Democratic party and become an Independent. Because then everyone will try to court my vote, and I want to feel important. hoping she feels better tomorrow, because she sure felt like crap today.

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