Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sleep is Hard to Come by, These Days

Ahh, the life of a parent. There is nothing quite like hearing your son call out at 4:30 AM that he needs a Kleenex.

For some reason, even though I try very hard to keep a nice schedule, I haven't been sleeping well lately. I hate that. Hubba-hubba has been even worse than me, and will toss around for hours, even when he is exhausted. There is that horrible looking at the clock and thinking, "I've got to get to sleep, I only have x number of hours before I have to get up." And then looking at it later and doing another mental calculation and getting even more depressed about how tired you are going to be the next day.

I suggested perhaps taking some Tylenol PM or something to help him get to sleep. But for some reason, Hubba-hubba is anti-medicine, for almost everything. I know he is truly feeling like crap when I see him go for the cold medicine. He prefers to tough it out, although most of the time I think he is just being silly by not taking medicine.

I mean, why live in the 21st Century if you're not going to take advantage of all it has to offer? You know, medicines that aren't full of snake oil or bull piss or whatever they used to sell as "cure-all" rememdies.

An an aside though, who was the one that got up out of bed at 4:30, got the Kleenex, waited to make sure Mr. P was ok, tucked him back in and turned on the humidifier?

Mom, of course.

Oh, new post up. And, I took the liberty of addding you all to my blogroll, but I may have forgotten some people, so let me know if you aren't on there and you want to be! Conversely, if you are and you'd rather not, let me know as well!

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