Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Cranky, flabby, bloaty.

I am feeling like all sorts of words that end in Y lately.

I can't seem to get enough sleep, even with over ten hours a day.

Which signals to me either two things.

1. My thyroid levels are off again. A blood test is scheduled for this week, so actually that is good timing.

2. I am pregnant.

The possibility of either of these being the case is highly likely. One is not more probable than the other, which is making me irritable. One also precludes the other, so we will see.

My commenting is suffering, I know. I will be around soon, I have been trying different things to fall into a groove of posting in both places. So far with all the draggy, I haven't been too successful.

So hopefully we can get to the bottom of all this soon, and I can feel like words that end in Y, but ones like "happy" and "energy."

And, a cupcake controversy over there.

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