Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your Questions- Answered

Now, even though I obviously, er, manipulated my answers for my previous post, I am doing it differently for your questions. I am asking the question out loud, then shaking the ball six times. I will then put up exactly what comes up, pinky swear! The things I do for you people!

Maternal Mirth asks: Will there be traffic on M&M's commute tomorrow?

M&M, I'm guessing the answer will be the same no matter what day you are referring to!

Dana asks: Will I ever get my garage sale crap sorted and priced in time for my August 25 sale??

Dana, you might start worrying.

Karla wants to know: Will I ever learn how to cook?

Mark had better start learning how to forage.

Captain Corky has a burning need to know: Will Captain Corky hit the powerball tonight?

Well, at least it wasn't flat out "no." Those are rough. Just be sure to give me and the 8 Ball our ten percent cut, ok?

Nance queries: Hey, Magic 8 Ball--is it going to be 90 and humid on my first day back teaching in my 200-year old building with no air conditioning, as usual?

Nance, maybe you should invest in one of those hats that have little fans built into them. Your students would love it!

Amber wants to know: Will the Hurricane EVER go on the #*$#*$ potty? Or rather, will she do it before high school?

That should make you feel better! By 8th grade for sure!

Urgent question from Hope: Now that I have replaced my cell phone, will I find my old one????

That's always how it goes.

Speaking for all Democrats, Robyn asks: Well, we're pretty sure a republican won't be elected as the next president, but in the meantime, will a slimy soul replace Karl Rove?

No, he will just be a slimy soul whose job it is to smear Democratic candidates.

Jenny is desperate to know: Will Hailey stop throwing up all over me?

Jenny, I'm so, so sorry. I tried to rig it and failed.

Ortizzle sez: Oh wise and wonderful Magic 8 Ball who never errs, "Did somebody spill coke on the computer keyboard in my classroom over the summer?

Good news for you! Don't even bother bringing the cleaner when you go on the first day!

Margaret wonders: Will George Clooney invite ME to Lake Como? Or Lake Tahoe? Or Lake whatever-one-he-wants to?

Well crikey, I got shut down but good. You at least have hope.

Chris cheekily wants to know: Could you please send me the magic 8 ball?

I allowed that, Chris, even though you didn't really ask the 8 Ball. It got offended, but I managed to persuade it to answer. Besides, if I send my oracle to you, how will I ever make any decsions?

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