Monday, August 20, 2007

A Letter To My Admirer

Dear Complainer,

I think you thought you were being clever when you chose the "other" option on my little poll.

Perhaps you thought you would make your distaste of the names I have listed known to the world. But, you only made them known to me.

You wrote, oh so tactfully, "Anything but those listed! Blech!"

At least you can spell correctly, I'll give you that.

However, instead of being part of the perceived problem, why not make yourself part of the solution? If all the names were so very horrifying, where was your awesome suggestion that would blow all others out of the water and make me realize my folly? The name that I would choose to be known as to millions thousands maybe a hundred people?

But no, you instead chose to just complain and provide no insight, no big idea of your own. Just sat back and excercised your brain power only enough to spell "blech" correctly. Did you recognize any of the names from any of the books they are drawn from? Or realize the nature of the site I will be writing for and my attempts to match the nationality of my boss? Let's just forget for a moment that my boss is working under an assumed name and just go for it, ok?

Nope, you came up with nothing constructive, just criticism. You and my mother need to get together sometime and compare notes.

And, based on your location (which I figured out from my handy dandy Sitemeter) I'm guessing you are a Republican.


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