Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm Shameless, I Know

Well, today is the day for the launch of the new blog. Well, sometime Monday morning. I'm just the hired help, I don't make the big calls.

It is called Teeny Manolo.

Please, please, link to it, bookmark it, subscribe to it. Even if you NEVER look at it again, it will help ensure that I still have a job four months from now. You think I'm kidding, don't you? Well, I'm not, so start right-clicking!

Oh, but if you do happen to go on to the site, feel free to leave comments like, "Glinda, you are hilarious!" or "Glinda, you are so funny, how do you stand yourself?"

But, can I just say how excited I am to be doing this? Can I now call myself a "writer" and not be sort of lying?

I had been a fan of the Manolo for a while, and had subscribed to his site for months and months before he put out an open call for writers for a blog on kids and parenting, and of course, shoes and clothes.

There was a nameless person (don't worry, it is none of you!) that got a writing job. And I'm telling you, this person can barely write anything even semi-interesting. I looked at the fact this person got hired, and I thought, well if that person can get paid to write, why should I not just send in my application?

And much to my great surprise, it worked.

Also, Glinda was the runaway winner of the name poll, so henceforth, try not to give me away! I'm currently not going to link to here from there because I still want to have a pesonal place where I don't have to be Glinda, ya know? I love Glinda and am happy that you voted for it. It begins with a G, has an i and an n, and ends with an a, so of course I feel very comfortable with it.

So just for a bit, things might be a little wonky with all the posts I must do over there, and I'm sure my commenting or my posting or some such will suffer.

But my friends, know that I am thinking of you. You are the bestest people on the internets, and I love you all! And on that one, I'm not kidding either!

P.S. The site is up and running!

P.P.S. My post is lonely! My bosses will know if I myself put up comments to my own post!

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