Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Feeling All Warm and Fuzzy

And not just because I just put on a sweater.

You guys made me feel so much better on the first day. I mean, even if you are lying (and if you are, you should become professional liars, because I totally believe you) it still was so nice.

Big smooches to all of you, except perhaps Corky, who I think would get just a little too excited.

And, I now seem to be dealing with a son who has turned into a mercenary.

All he can think of is money. How to get it. How he wants more. How he wants to be rich, richer than anyone in the whole world.

I really need to have him stop watching Aladdin.

So, we have instituted an allowance, of which he has to give about ten percent to charity, twenty percent he has to save, and the rest is his to do with has he pleases.

Oh, yeah, and today I found out it would cost over seven hundred dollars to fix our regrigerator. Can anyone say, new refrigerator time?

P.S. I have a new post up over there. Well, pretty much every day I will have a new post up there, so be sure to check. This is one I am sure almost everyone will relate to.

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