Sunday, August 19, 2007

Help Wanted

All right, I was trying to keep this on the down-low, but I am in desperate need of help. I was recently hired (yes, OMG I will actually be PAID) to blog at a site that encourages the use of pseudonyms.

My friends, I suck royally at pseudonyms.

So, I want you to choose for me. That way, you see, if it sucks I won't have to take any responsibility for it. I'll just point the finger your way.

If you think you recognize some of the names from literature, you would be absolutely correct. And if you hate all of them, feel free to give me your own! Then, I can really blame you!

*In response to Nance, the focus will be parenting, kids, fashion, and celebrity babies. Have you heard of Manolo the Shoeblogger? I will be working for him on a site (not up yet) called "Teeny Manolo."

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