Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Go Ahead, I Dare You!

About a month or so ago, I made a decision. It would make me look much better to say that I agonized over the decision for days, weeks. That I swung back and forth, gnashing my teeth with uncertainty.


After about five minutes, I decided to go ahead and put ads up on my sidebar.

To redeem myself a bit, I had been thinking about putting them up for practically years. I would see other people with ads and become instantly jealous of the bazillion dollars a year they were raking in. And here I was, missing out on becoming an instant thousandaire because of some silly crap like ethics or something.

Because I know that some people (hi eb!) regard ads on a personal blog as akin to "being invited into someone's living room and then being bombarded by billboards." I may not be exact on that quote, but it was something very similar.

So, I hesitated. I certainly didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable in my living room, for goodness sakes.

But then I thought, well, I am a crappy hostess who doesn't serve snacks and drinks anyway, so why not ads?

Being a SAHM was a choice I made willingly. Which pretty much meant I willingly subjected myself to poverty. Kidding. Sort of. Let's just say that the loss of my income was a burden on everyone, and one to which we are now adjusted. Sort of.

I figured that even if I made ten bucks a month, that was ten bucks a month I didn't have in my pocket before. I didn't expect riches to rain down on me, although I'm sure in the back of my brain, I had visions of dancing dollar bills, beckoning me to deposit them in my bank account.

Which is fairly hilarious, because this month I think I have made exactly three cents.

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