Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bowling for Phones

Now, I'm sure you all remember that I washed our cell phone, right?

And that was after I had lost a brand new one mere days after getting it. With me still?

Well, we got a new one.

And Hubba-hubba forbid me to use it.

At first, I tried to pretend I didn't want it. I would mutter under my breath that he could take his stupid cell phone and sleep with it if he liked it that much.

Then, on a day when I took Mr. P and one of his buddies out for the day, I was annoyed that he wouldn't at least let me have it on days when I was going to be out. And with someone else's child! What if his mom had needed to get hold of me as we were bowling? What then?

And to be honest, I think Hubba-hubba enjoyed it. He so very rarely has anything he can hold over my head that he needed to revel in it for a while. It is a feeling he doesn't get to experience very often, so he apparently felt he needed to milk it for all he was worth.

Then one day we had an argument about shooting water guns in the house. Yes, you are right, I only have ONE four year old. Sometimes it's hard to remember. I forbade it, and he thought I was being unreasonable. Even though I told him that he would be cleaning all the mirrors in the house that were now water-stained, he acted like agreeing to not shoot them was a big act of concession on his part.

The next morning I woke up, and there on the computer keyboard was the phone. His way of making nice.

It only sort of worked.

And, I need to ask you, how many of you would allow water guns in the house?

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