Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Refrigerator Roulette

Dear Sears,

Six years ago, we bought a Kenmore refrigerator from you.

And all of a sudden, the freezer stops working. Ok, well, it is keeping things cold, but barely. The ice cream is mushy and the frozen pizza ain't so frozen, let's just put it that way.

Am I wrong to be upset that it doesn't work anymore? That I expect it to be working after only six years? My parent's refrigerator is coming up on almost twenty, and they have never had any problems with it. Ever.

My husband has tried everything he and everyone in our phone book can think of to fix it without calling you to repair it. Since the 4th of July, I have been living like a European, only buying things fresh and as I need them. Seriously, it sucks and I want to put some frozen corn in there. But I can't, because your product isn't working properly.

Then, when we do call you to schedule an appointment, you try to hard-sell me something that sounds like it belongs in Vegas. Essentially I am betting against you, the house, that it will cost more than $239.00 to fix the thing. If I prepay you, and it turns out that it costs more than that number, I won't have to pay more. But, if it costs less than that, then I will have overpaid and you get to keep the change. Something tells me that you spent a LOT of time calculating that figure, and Vegas wasn't built on losers.

Oh, and Sears, another thing you should know is that my next refrigerator? It's going to be an Amana and I will buy it from anybody other than you.


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